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Singer gets a ticket back to childhood

Update: June, 02/2013 - 16:06

Nguyen Thi Hien Thuc, a Vietnamese singer, won the Gold Prize at the Asian Young Artist contest in Shanghai in 1999. Soon after, she took a break from her music career to start a family. This year, she has returned to the stage as the judge of Giong Hat Viet Nhi (The Voice Kids). She shares her feelings with Minh Son.

Inner Sanctum: How did you feel as part of the jury of The Voice Kids Viet Nam?

As I said in another interview, I have few chances to find my way back to childhood. I started my singing career when I was small, so in my mind, childhood is a valuable memory. Since I grew up, I have never had such a cheerful time. So The Voice Kids Viet Nam is a wonderful chance for me to find a way back to my childhood.

Inner Sanctum: Will you let your daughter, Gia Bao, join the competition?

We often talk with each other as if we were sisters. When I told her that I would become a coach for the competition, Gia Bao said, "If you do that, I won't take part in it or people will say you're being unfair to the other competitors."

Inner Sanctum: Many believe that reality television uses tricks to get attention from the audience. Are you afraid that following a fixed scenario given by producers may hurt some children's feelings?

I have been involved in showbiz since I was a child. I am confident that I deeply understand how a single facial expression, eye contact or body language can influence the spirit of the children. When I decided to become a coach for the competition, I determined that tricks and tips are necessary in showbiz. They help draw attention from the audience and push the viewing number up to the expectations of producers. However, I also think that I have to fulfill my tasks and responsibilities in order not to be ashamed of myself.

Inner Sanctum: Before deciding to become a coach of The Voice Kids, did you consult singer Dam Vinh Hung for advice?

I think it's better to consult an experienced person who used to be a coach of the competition. When deciding to be a coach of the competition, what I was concerned most about was the timing because I have little time. Dam Vinh Hung, a very famous singer, said, "It took me a tremendous amount of time to perform my role." However, I considered the matter carefully and decided that I could arrange my time, since this was the only way to bring me back to my childhood. So I agreed with the producers' plan.

Inner Sanctum: Why do you say that this is the only way to come back to your childhood, since there are a lot of TV programmes for children?

Since I was a judge on Talent Launcher, I have not attended any competition as a judge. Participating in reality television may lead people to gossip about me; additionally, I was not interested in the role, so I had no motivation to do it. Besides, I have to spend time taking care of my little child, because I am not only a singer but also a mother. The Voice Kids Viet Nam takes only 12 working days, although the programme is broadcast over three months. So it does not bother me much.

Inner Sanctum: What if one day your daughter wants to follow your career path? Will you agree with her choice?

I don't think that I want Ti Ni to follow my career path. There is little chance that she will become a singer, even though she is very good at singing, playing piano and painting. She is not very beautiful to some people because she is chubby. How can a chubby girl be successful in showbiz? I often tell her that showbiz is so complicated she should just focus on studying. She has a dream of being a pharmacist. — VNS

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