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Dong Lan: A star who keeps on shining

Update: December, 12/2012 - 15:10


Famed for her irresistable voice and mastering of French love songs, Dong Lan has become a household name since dazzling in The Voice. She talks to Song Pham about her future plans.

Born in the northern province of Hai Duong, Dong Lan gained fame after performing on The Voice of Viet Nam contest, a reality TV singing competition based on the original Dutch version. The delicate girl possesses a strong and attractive inner force, and awakes listeners' hearts with her sweet and unique voice. Last November she organised a charity music show Cho em duoc yeu thuong (Let me be loved) to raise funds for disadvantaged children.

Inner Sanctum: You have such an impressive name and singing voice but did not become known to the masses until thecontest The Voice of Viet Nam. Can you tell us about yourself?

I find myself like a small girl who refuses to grow up. A lonely, curious, rough girl who is always longing for an extensive space in which she can indulge herself in pleasure. This might be the reason why I have always wished I could fly when singing.

Inner Sanctum: According to one article, you quit a job with a high salary to officially embark on your singing career. Have you ever regretted this decision?

Keep moving forward without any regret! At times I feel like an unruly bird, doing things to satisfy others' wishes, but ultimately, I still do what I want. For example, I have left everything behind to move to HCM City to follow the singing path. Being able to do what I want, even though it's late in my life, is still a great happiness, so what could I regret? And I have been fortunate enough to receive good responses on my first steps, although I think real working will garner much better responses.

Inner Sanctum: What was in your luggage besides your voice when you decided to move to HCM City to pursue your career? I learned that you won not only the French singing competition held in the northern provinces but also a singing competition held by Radio The Voice of HCM City People, and were invited to perform in France in 2008. Furthermore, you are capable of composing songs. You seem to be stepping very professionally into showbiz!

Having no relatives and only one friend in HCM City, I heard many times that I was taking a leap of faith that might not pay off. People said things like "knowing nothing doubts nothing". So what? The less I know, the less I have to worry about and the more peaceful I feel. I have brought along my most precious possession: a soul that enjoys life. I still have many things to learn, like the more professional aspects of the business. I didn't have the fortune of being trained methodically, so I do everything based on instinct and passion. I always think that I have to try my best at anything, regardless of the result, so that I don't feel regret later. It's also crucial to maintain tranquility, which I do every day!

Inner Sanctum: Besides So chet (Fear of death), a song which was highly appreciated by audiences and won the Song of the Month Award held by VTV3, and Chu cuu nho (The small lamb), have you composed any other songs? What do you think of both composing and performing?

So chet (Fear of Death) feels like my first spiritual child that I have released into the world! Before it, I wrote many songs, but only to relieve stress and balance my emotions, so I have lost many of my "children", which is a very unprofessional mistake!

I compose whenever I am in the mood. I think it is better to have things come naturally, which I try to maintain in composing, thinking and singing. However, it is also important to learn to work professionally every day in order to connect with colleagues and deliver good products to audiences. As for Chu cuu nho (The small lamb), I have finished the music video in time for Christmas, and hope that it will be welcomed and enjoyed.

Inner Sanctum: I learned that your appearance fee is quite lofty. What is your definition of success? Any plans for the future?

I do not know to define "lofty" but to be honest, I'm very bad at memorising numbers, and I also don't like memorising numbers and don't want them to affect my dreams! Conversely, I'm quite good at remembering images. I might forget names, but feelings and images are deeply imprinted in my mind. I don't care about money issues - I have my friends think about those things for me. If I had to manage myself, a few compliments would be enough compensation for me to keep singing!

Personally, I think that success means people keep talking about you - whether they say good or bad things. I myself want to be remembered for my musical products and my singing voice, which can touch people's hearts. When they close their eyes and enjoy my music, I feel I have been loved already. I have always been craving love! My next plan is conquering choosy audience members - even those who hate me! People are the same everywhere. Less hate means less unpleasantness, which means giving and receiving love. — VNS

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