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Martial arts master uses a healing touch

Update: July, 05/2015 - 04:30
Strong bones: Martial arts master Nguyen Khac Chuong treats a patient at his dojo. — VNS Photos Trung Hieu

A Hanoian martial arts instructor has become famous for treating patients with bone problems, especially dislocation of the spine. Hoang Trung Hieu reports.

Martial arts master Nguyen Khac Chuong can work his magic with acupuncture and acupressure to treat osteoarthritis ailments.

He leads the Y Vo Thien Phuc dojo, No 1/7, Lane 409, An Duong Vuong Street, where he treats patients during the day and teaches martial arts in the evenings.

Thanks to his help, many patients have returned to their normal life.

Chuong, who is from Tay Ho District, Ha Noi, said his family had been traditionally involved in martial arts.

When Chuong reached 10, his father started teaching him martial arts. His love for martial arts grew as he grew older and, at the age of 16, he began to train under other teachers.

"I learned the martial arts of different sects, from Vietnamese traditional ones to Qigong of Tibetan Tantra," he said.

In 1986 he began to teach martial arts at Hang Da Street.

He studied at different martial arts schools, and now he focuses on teaching Vinh Xuan (Wingchun), a martial art that originated in China, but Chuong has adapted it for the Vietnamese physique.

Along with teaching martial arts, Chuong spends a lot of time studying medicine, particularly about bone ailments and their cures.

From 1995, he began to cure bone diseases in people.

"Based on martial arts, I have learned the methods of acupuncture, acupressure, and remedies," he said.

Chuong graduated from Ho Chi Minh National Political and Administrative Academy and joined the management board of Hang Da Market in Ha Noi.

When everyone aspired to have a good job and a stable income, Chuong requested his boss to relieve him from his job, citing that he wanted to dedicate his time to heal suffering people.

People in his neighbourhood approached him, seeking help for their health problems.

For those critically ill patients who could not walk, Chuong would get his therapy tools and medicine to their homes and treat them.

Having witnessed and experienced his dedication and effective treatment, many people regard him as highly capable.

As Chuong started getting more and more patients, he decided to quit the market management work to focus on his health-care services.

After some years, many people advised Chuong to have a permanent address for his treatment facility.

Thus, in 2008, Chuong officially established Y Vo Thien Phuc Company, in coordination with some other doctors.

Patients lining up

Though I reached the Y Vo Thien Phuc dojo early in the morning, there were already many patients waiting to meet Chuong.

Chuong insists that patients should carry their X-rays films for him to diagnosis them.

Then, he assesses their condition from their system of acupuncture points and check temperatures at those points.

After these many steps, he works out a treatment chart for each patient.

"I use a combination of methods, combining acupuncture, stretching muscles, and let patients use herbal medicines," Chuong revealed.

Over the years, Chuong has treated so many people suffering from bone and joint ailments.

He is particularly famous for effectively treating the dislocation of spine.

He not only treats domestic patients but even foreigners come to him for help.

Fabio Cappiello, an Italian lecturer at Ha Noi University, suffered from the dislocation of spine for years. He was treated in many places but was never completely cured. Chuong helped him successfully overcome his problem in less than 30 days.

"After that, Cappiello brought his mother here for treatment," Chuong notes.

Many foreigners have been studying martial arts and treatment methods at the dojo; notable among them are doctors Julia Swavola, an American, and Alexandr Sichev, a Russian.

"He did a very good job. His work does amazing things for back injuries," said Swavola.

Finding relief: Chuong treats a patient with a dislocated spine.

Nguyen Thi Khuyen, 82, from Thuong Cat Ward of Tu Liem District had injured her backbone after falling from a bicycle.

Her family read about Chuong in a newspaper and brought her to him. She recovered after several days of treatment.

"Now I don't need the help of my children or grandchildren to walk. I feel so happy and grateful to Master Chuong," she says.

Nguyen Manh Cuong, who works at Ha Noi Department of Science and Technology, recently had a spine dislocation when he was trying to roll his motorbike up an incline.

He is recovering remarkably after several days of treatment at the dojo, with each session lasting 2 to 3 hours.

Vo Duc Tuan from Thai Nguyen City too suffered a serious spine dislocation. He was treated in various hospitals but could not be cured successfully.

A friend introduced him to Chuong. As Chuong realised that Tuan was very poor, he allowed Tuan to stay at his dojo and get free treatment.

After three months of Chuong's dedicated treatment, Tuan has started walking.

Chuong said he treated patients not for economic benefits but as charity.

Depending on each patient's condition and treatment duration, he just charges about VND200,000 (US$9.5) (of which VND150,000 is for medicines and the remainder is for acupuncture).

Many poor people get free treatment at Chuong's dojo.

The dojo covers 500sq.m., which Chuong has rented.

Chuong says sometimes his wife grumbles that other people get rich from healing, but Chuong could not do it. He then tells her that curing is a doctor's main duty.

"If we see people with diseases but do not treat them, then we are not worthy to be called Masters," Chuong said.

Sometimes he cannot even pay his house rent, but he is happy.

"Many rich people come to me to learn martial arts and seeing that I help the poor, they give me huge sums of money. But I refuse and thank them for their generosity. I believe that anything we do, we should do from our heart, and I don't want to bother others. I will help others within my ability," he said.

Chuong's eldest son has followed in his father's footsteps, and has been recognised by many healthcare experts.

"In Oriental medicine, there are many remedies for osteoarthritis. But Chuong's method is highly effective and does not cause complications in patients. He helped my husband recover within a few weeks," said Dr Do Thi Lieu, former vice chief of the Kidney Faculty of Bach Mai Hospital in Ha Noi. — VNS


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