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A master sculptor reaches for the stars

Update: June, 08/2014 - 17:41

What I found: Le Dinh Quy introduces his Cosmic Cryptography at a book-launching ceremony. — VNA/VNS Photos Thanh Vu

by Cong Binh & Ha Nguyen

Le Dinh Quy has been awarded a certificate in sculpture by Vietnam Records for having the most statues on revolutionaries and wars in Viet Nam.

In addition, he is known in the country for his research on astronomy, solar system and planets. He has just published his own book titled Mat Ma Vu Tru (Cosmic Cryptography), printed by the People's Police Publishing House.

Despite being trained in Ukraine's Kiev Fine Arts University from 1961-64 that could have affected his sculptures and paintings, Quy has chosen his own way of emphasising national tradition in his work.

Quy said that like many Vietnamese sculptures, the people's heroism and suffering during the prolonged wars against the French and US, have become a subject he wants to pursue his entire life.

After graduating from fine arts school, he created a sculpture titled the Hoang Truong Militiaman Elderly, reflecting the fierce resistance of the Thanh Hoa Province people to the US bombing of the north.

Quy's work received a lot of appreciation from viewers, said Tran Huy Oanh, deputy secretary of the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association.

Quy said he was inspired to build the militiaman to depic a Vietnamese man who had devoted his life to battling natural calamities as well as foreign aggressors, in a bid to protect his country.

Quy sculpted many other monuments including Nga Ba Dong Loc (about 10 heroic girls in the central province of Ha Tinh who sacrificed themselves while trying to protect a road to the southern front), Thanh Nien Xung Phong Ham Rong (about young volunteers work to protect the Ham Rong Bridge in the central province of Thanh Hoa), and Khong Quan Viet Nam (Viet Nam Airforce) erected across the country.

He was awarded a State prize for Literature and the Arts for these works.

"I have a passion for studying and discovering new things, and I am often impressed and inspired by beauty in nature. So I try to seek out books on astronomy in Viet Nam and the world," said Quy, who also invested his time in researching astronomy.

Heroines: Quy ‘s painting of young female volunteers.

Quy said he always asked himself about the sun, its origin and its quantity. There were also other questions like its heat and where it came from.

"I try to ask these questions, research them through books and answer them myself. As a result, after 30 years, I have written a number of hypotheses on solar systems," he said.

Asked what was new in his research, Quy said his hypothesis is disintegration not accumulation, as that has already been explained.

After studying the hypothesis of Pierre-Simon Laplace, Clause Jean Baptiste Hoin and others astronomers, he made his own supposition: Explosion schedule based on disintegration.

"I have to systemise 12 secret things of the solar system and then try to find a new principle to decipher them. For example, what are the origins, quantity and heat of the solar system," asked Quy.

"I'm interested in Quy's hypothesis, 'Three explosions' because it has not violated the law of conservation of moment motive power," said Professor Pham Viet Trinh, former chairman of the Viet Nam Astronomy Association.

In 1984, with assistance from Prof Dang Huu of the State Committee of Science and Technology, Quy held his first seminar on his new supposition on the solar system, which was widely appreciated by local scientists and researchers.

In the next few years he held three similar workshops.

Quy said he had printed hundreds of documents on his new supposition of the solar system, which was released in the country and abroad, including in the former Soviet Union.

In addition, part of his work has been introduced on the Viet Nam Young Astronomy's website

In 2004, he published a book of the same content in both Vietnamese and English in an effort to get critics to comment.

" This month I published my book Cosmic Cryptography with the hope that my supposition about the solar system will soon be discussed by the world," said Quy. — VNS

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