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What's up, Doc? (07-03-2012)

Update: March, 07/2012 - 09:10
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If I get seriously injured or have a health emergency, who should I call? Which hospitals or clinics should I go to? If an ambulance comes, where will it take me?

Michael Shaw, Ha Noi

If you have a health emergency, do not hesitate to call 115 - the hotline for health emergency problems to get an ambulance.

When the ambulance comes, the medical staff will conduct an examination.

Depending on the severity and the characteristics of the conditions, the patient will be taken to either the nearest hospital, or a hospital specialising in treating their conditions or a hospital listed in their health insurance policy.

In some cases, if the patient's condition is not serious, the health staff will give them a prescription and the patient may simply stay home to rest.

Another alternative is to call SOS Viet Nam. Its telephone numbers can be easily found in tourism guidebooks or online.

If you are in Ha Noi, calling the French Hospital is another option, as the hospital has a lot of experience in treating foreigners.

Dr Dang Thanh Khan, Deputy director of the Ha Noi 115 Emergency Centre

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