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International journalists praise host’s efforts

Update: February, 28/2019 - 09:00
Yoo JeeHyun, TV Chosun, South Korea
Viet Nam News

Yoo JeeHyun, TV Chosun, South Korea

This is my first time in Hà Nội. Before I got here I was a bit worried about the traffic, because you know your traffic is a lot heavy, we have to be very quick and fast to catch Trump and Kim’s moves. But it’s a lot better than I thought. It will take us some time in the morning but it’s normally good.

In the press center, it’s very comfortable for us. The internet was quick, it’s very decent. Especially they have the South Korea Press Center here, it’s very special for us. They support a lot. So, I want to say “Thank you, Hà Nội”.

But the level of secrecy (of the schedule) is really high. We don’t know anything. It’s really hard for us to follow every spot.

I know there have been much skepticism about the talk – but who knows? I just hope that the outcome will be good and more practical.

Akiko Suzuki – The Asahi Shimbun - Japan

Akiko Suzuki – The Asahi Shimbun - Japan

So far I think everything is ok – the food are nice and the internet is ok so far. But on the big screen (TV) I hope I can watch the ordinary TV but it’s only some videos which are not showing much. So I was worried I couldn’t get much information from outside if I stay inside the building of the media center.

The food are nice – my colleagues from outside of Việt Nam are very happy to try phở, egg coffee of cà phê Giảng and some bún chả.

I hope there would be some progressive steps, but I’m not so sure about it. I hope there would be something good for the world’s peace.

Dirk Emmerich – RTL Media Group – Germany

Dirk Emmerich – RTL Media Group – Germany

This is the first time I’m here in Hà Nội. Everything’s been good – although the weather is not so good, it could have been better. But I see it’s good framework, good basis to the summit.

Of course it is an important summit. We all know that the relation between the US and North Korea was very bad one year ago and no body could expect that there would be a meeting at all. Then we had the first meeting in Singapore in June last year where both agreed upon a denuclearisation of the Korean Pennisula. And of course every body is expecting now the next steps on the way to that. I think it’s going to be difficult talks, but if both presidents want to achieve something, we will have a kind of the result in the coming days.

I don’t have any difficulties covering the event so far – everybody is fine with us. I think everybody is doing everything that we correspondents feel comfortable here in Hà Nội.

Lim Juhyun, KBS News, South Korea

Lim Juhyun, KBS News, South Korea

The international media center is perfect and I’m completely happy about it. Everything we need to work is here - the internet is working fast and stable. 

This is my first time in Hà Nội and I was surprised to learn that it was as cold as the past few days, because I though Việt Nam has a rather warm climate. It’s a pity that I’m here for work - but I’ve been told a lot about the capital city of Hà Nội and I will definitely come back to enjoy the city as a tourist.

However, one thing I can recognise is that the issue of particulate pollution in Hà Nội is somehow serious. This is one pressing problem in South Korea as well. — VNS


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