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200kg bomb excavated from river in Quang Tri

Update: August, 12/2015 - 16:00
The bomb clearance team removing the bomb in Hai Lang District to a safe place to defuse.— Photo

QUANG TRI — An unexploded bomb weighing 200kg has been excavated from Sepon river in central Quang Tri Province.

The bomb was found yesterday on the riverbed by a local who was fishing in that section in the province's Huong Hoa District, when the bomb was entangled in his net.

The bomb was 1.5m long and the bomb clearance staff believed it was dropped by the US Army during the war. The clearance team removed the explosive device to a safer place to defuse it.

A day earlier, the clearance team removed a similar bomb in a household garden in the province's Hai Lang District. Nguyen Vu, the householder said an American bomber jet dropped three bombs in his garden in 1972, of which two exploded and the third remained unexploded for 43 years.

Quang Tri was the locality hit the hardest by American bombing during the war. Numerous unexploded devices remained unattended in the province, where over 80 per cent of the country's disabled people live. — VNS

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