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Provinces urged to prevent road accidents during Tet

Update: February, 18/2015 - 21:55


Officials examine the dead bodies of victims of a serious road accident that took place on the Eve of the Lunar New Year in Hung Yen Province, killing five people, including a family of four.      -- Photo Hung Yen Television and Radio Station

Ha Noi (VNS) – The National Traffic Safety Committee has urged all provinces to adopt drastic measures to curb the growing incidence of road accidents during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

The sudden spurt in the number of accidents, especially today and yesterday, has forced the Committee to send an urgent communiqué to all provinces across the nation, requesting them to take action to minimise road accidents during the remainder of the vacation.

The dispatch directed the relevant authorities to prevent road accidents, especially those caused by motorbikes and cars. It also directed all provincial traffic safety committees to urge the departments and agencies concerned in their localities to enforce the Prime Minister's decrees dated, December 19, 2014; January 23, 2015 and the most recent one on February 14, which aim to ensure traffic safety during the period of Tet of At Mui (the Year of Goat).

The Committee also demanded that it should be constantly updated about the latest serious accidents taking place in the different provinces.

Provincial authorities have been asked to remain available round the clock to resolve complaints from the general public concerning traffic safety and coaches' passenger overloading, which can be done through the hotlines publicised earlier.

The provincial police must also deploy its traffic police in full force in collaboration with the order and commune police to boost patrols and impose stringent penalties on violators of traffic safety and order rules, especially drunk drivers, people caught over-speeding and motorbike or electric bike drivers caught without a helmet.

The district and commune People's Committees have also been asked to step up the broadcast of programs that warn people about the dangers of drunk driving and the potential consequences of traumatic brain injury and death resulting from driving without a helmet and using a cell phone while driving.

Viet Nam Television, Voice of Viet Nam and the Viet Nam News Agency have also been asked to disseminate the message as widely as possible.

During the first four days of the nine-day public holiday from February 15 to 18, 188 road accidents were reported throughout the country, leaving 122 dead and 144 injured, the Committee pointed out.

In comparison with the same period last year, the number of accidents and deaths has actually reduced, and no serious car crash has been reported so far.

However, the Committee noted that the number of deaths resulting from road accidents, especially from motorbike-related accidents on the roads outside cities and urban areas, and in rural areas, had risen.

Particularly today, on the eve of the Lunar New Year, 56 road accidents were reported nationwide, claiming the lives of 38 people and injuring 39 others.

Compared with the same day last year's Tet, the number of accidents has dropped by five and the number of injured has slipped by 10, but eight more deaths have been reported this year.

Five more died and 13 more were injured today, compared with yesterday.

Since the beginning of the holiday, the traffic police have handled 4,700 violations of road safety regulations, detaining 31 cars and over 1,000 motorbikes and revoking 165 driving licenses.

In Ha Noi, it was reported that the practice of residents driving without a helmet, motorbikes carrying three to four people (against the limit of two), dangerous driving, driving through the red light and other forms of traffic rule violations have surged.

Meanwhile, the traffic police across the country are prepared to deploy their forces around the time the new Lunar year will be welcomed, so that traffic safety can be ensured.

Serious accidents on the eve of Lunar New Year

A serious road accident took place on Highway 376 near Thuong Bui Village, Trung Hoa Commune, Yen My District, Hung Yen Province, killing four people, including a family.

The accident occurred in the afternoon when a seven-seater Fortuner driven by Major Le Van Thuoc (49), which was being driven towards Highway 39, collided with a motorbike driven by Bui Quy Thai, who was coming from the opposite direction.

The Fortuner's registration number TT3529 revealed that it is the property of the Central Military Tribunal, while the motorbike carries the registration number 14 F1-5492.

Besides the driver, the motorbike had four other passengers, who were all members of a family, including Nguyen Van Son (32), his wife Vuong Thi Ngat (29) and their son Nguyen Van Huy (8) and daughter Nguyen Thi Nga (5).

The forceful impact of the crash resulted in the instant death of the two children, while the motorbike driver Thai and passenger Ngat were reported to have died at the Pho Noi General Hospital. Meanwhile, Son succumbed to his injuries at the Viet Duc Hospital in Ha Noi.

Witnesses claimed the car had wrongly strayed into another lane, which had resulted in the terrible accident.

Police officials from the Yen My District and Hung Yen Province arrived at the site immediately following the accident to examine the dead bodies and divert traffic on the busy road, owing to the Lunar New Year's Eve.

Relevant agencies are working urgently to find out the reason behind the accident.

The same day afternoon, police in Ha Nam Province's Ly Nhan District reported that another serious road accident had taken place in the area, leading to an instant death on the spot and another person being injured critically, after two locals driving a motorbike collided with a lorry.

The injured has been rushed to the Viet Duc Hospital in Ha Noi.

The police are investigating the accident, which took place just a few kilometres outside Vinh Tru Town.-VNS

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