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Miners put lives, homes in danger

Update: October, 24/2014 - 08:30
They had damaged his roof and the house shook every time the company opened a new area. — Photo cand

SON LA (VNS) — Many families in the northern mountainous province of Son La are living in fear as big stones from blasting hits their homes and covers them with dust.

Mai Son Cement JSC has been accused of threatening the lives of people in at least 16 homes in Hat Lot Township for several years.

Locals said the rocks that were hitting their homes were up to three kilogrammes in weight.

One resident, Nguyen Ngoc Anh, said rocks flew into his house whenever the company started blasting.

They had damaged his roof and the house shook every time the company opened a new area.

Another resident, Phan Thi Sim, said one rock smashed through her roof and fell onto a bed.

Residents said they had reported the problem to authorised agencies many times, but the situation has not changed.

According to a reporter, the company has built a fence around the stone exploitation site. However, it is not high enough to prevent rocks from landing on nearby houses.

Although the company always makes an announcement by loudspeaker before blasting, the rocks still smash into houses and injure people.

Some families living about a kilometre away from the site are still affected by the blasts.

Le The Thin, head of Resident Zone 18 far away from the blast site said that each blast felt like an earthquake. He said dust filled the air choking residents and animals.

Hoang Van Viet, deputy head of the mining company, admitted that rocks hit locals' houses.

However, he claimed that because the company did not check cracks in the houses before blasting, he was not sure when they occurred.

Viet said the company planned to build another fence surrounding the exploitation site and reduce the amount of dynamite to minimise the dust and flying rocks. — VNS

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