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Clinically-dead patient saved in Yen Bai: official

Update: November, 21/2013 - 17:16

YEN BAI (VNS) — The staff at Yen Bai General Hospital in northern Yen Bai province recently saved the life of a patient declared clinically dead after being electrocuted.

Nguyen Manh Cuong, 23, from Nguyen Phuc Ward, was described as being in a deep unconscious state and having turned blue after being rushed to the hospital. Upon examination, officials said his reflexes were not responding and his blood pressure was not registering. Cuong was then diagnosed as being clinically dead.

Officials report he was electrocuted while transporting construction materials. Though he received emergency medical care, he quickly fell into a coma.

Doctors decided to use emergency medical treatments to keep his brain alive, while restoring the operation of his heart and lungs. After two days in a coma, the patient regained normal reflex responses, reports officials.

Cuong gradually recovered, and after a week his condition is now described as stable.

Dr Nguyen Song Hao, head of the hospitals Emergency Department, said this was an extremely rare case, as the chance of surviving among those who experience clinical death is low, even when receiving quick emergency aid. — VNS

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