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Father, son live alone in jungle

Update: August, 08/2013 - 15:27
Ho Van Lang was brought to live in the forest 40 years ago. Since then, he and his father have worn tree-skin loincloths.

QUANG NGAI (VNS)– A father and his son have been found living in isolation deep in the forest in Tra Xinh Commune, Tay Tra District in central Quang Ngai Province.

Two tarzans Ho Van Thanh and Ho Van Lang from Tra  Kem Village,Tra Xinh Commune in the moutainous district of Tay Tra in Quang Nam Province stayed up in a hut, hung over a big tree in the centre of the forest.

The two, wearing only loin cloths, are reported to have been cut off from the rest of the world for 40 years.They have lived all that time largely on fruit from the forest.

They have tree-skin clothes for winter while their cooking items could be collected from around the jungle.

The 81-year-old father, Ho Van Thanh, fled to the forest with his son 40 years ago after an explosion occurred during the war, killing two of his other sons and his mother.

They also made their own knives and axes.

The father and his son, now a 42-year-old man, have been living in a timber hut five metres above the ground.

The villagers carry 81-year-old Ho Van Thanh back to his town for a treatment.—Photo vnexpress

The men were spotted by local people a few days ago and taken back to the village in Tra Phong Commune in Tay Tra District. – VNS


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