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Migrants weigh on Dak Lak economy

Update: May, 27/2013 - 10:02

DAK LAK (VNS)— The uncontrolled migration of country workers has prevented economic targets being reached in parts of Central Highland Dak Lak Province.

One of the most affected areas is Ea Lang hamlet in Krong Bong District's Cu Pui Commune.

The hamlet was founded in 1998 with about 100 migrant families, but numbers shot up to 500 within 10 years, according to local authorities.

As a result, the hamlet has been split into four so that it can be managed more easily.

However, due to the constant influx of immigrants, the district had to set up a new commune last year.

"Tens of families illegally migrate to the commune every year; therefore, residential planning cannot keep up," said People's Committee Vice Chairman Y Luyn Nie.

The new residents are also blamed for chopping down trees, especially in prime timber areas.

In addition, local authorities have had to allow a huge area of forest land to be destroyed for housing and food production.

In Ea Sup District, more than 40ha of forest land has been converted since 2009 to provide accommodation for 500 households in Cu Kbang Commune.

Each immigrant family has been granted from 800-1,000 square metres of residential land, 4,000 square metres of cultivated land, and VND2 million (almost $100) in cash.

But this seems to have encouraged more and more to migrate, according to the district People's Committee Chairman Tran Ngoc Quang.

The movement of population has led to a significant increase in the number of poor people in the district.

However, their homes are often in remote areas, so it has been difficult to set up enough projects to support them.

So far, 14 projects have been set up in the province, helping about 60,000 migrant families to live stable lives.

But statistics show that there are still more than 26,000 households in need of land for production and fresh water.

"In order to solve the illegal migration, it is necessary to enhance the co-operation between Dak Lak and provinces from which people migrate", said Yrinh Arong, chairman of the provincial committee for ethnic minority affairs.

He added that the migrants would not migrate if they were given favorable conditions to settle down in their home areas.

At a recent national conference on ethnic and mountain ethnic people, the province asked the Prime Minister to allocate enough budget money so that more projects could be carried out to support immigrants. —VNS

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