Ten years ago, the song “The Circle of the Earth” performed by singers Tim and Minh Hang created "hits" with the 8X - 9X generations: "In this world, which distance is the farthest? It's not the distance from one mountain to another, nor from one continent to another, but it's the distance around the Earth.”

Ten years ago, the distance around the Earth was the farthest. But at present, geographic distance does not make much sense. With a Smartphone, just one click... all distances get virtually erased.           

But those very smartphones are also creating distances greater than half of the earth’s circle, making family members far apart and become lonely in their own homes.

In that house, when waking up in the morning the thing you reach out first is not the spouse’s hands but the Smartphone. What you can’t do without and makes you feel uncomfortable or even irritated for a few hours is not any member in the family but again the Smartphone. Eight hours outside is not enough, and so for a couple of hours at home, the phone cannot be out of your reach, either.

The wireless telephones follow you into family meals. There are no longer heart-to-heart stories and caring words. Instead, everybody silently eat and gazed at their phones.

The smart devices even follow you into your sleep. Perhaps you will not remember the last time when you told fairy tales or kissed your beloved child before going to sleep as the world around you is now a miniature within a thin compact smartphone.


If one day you realize that the cellphone is gradually replacing everyone to play the most important role in the household, then things have become too late. Right now, you have to take action.

Family bonding is not difficult, but our family members need true love and sincerity. You don’t have to do anything big; after work, just go home at the right time, put away your phone in a corner and sit down to enjoy a cozy dinner with your family, or tell the kids good fairy tales before the bedtime.

If you find it too difficult to temporarily leave your cell phone when reaching home, it's probably because your family's living space is too cramped and love restrained. That is why a series of real estate businesses have poured hundreds of billions into the various appealing spaces to pull you out of the dominant smartphone.


Most recently, when designing the Topaz Twins Project - the most luxurious 5-star apartment complex in Bien Hoa, a story of creating space compelling enough to conquer the charm of the mobile phone has also been set out for consultants by Berjaya – the leading Malaysia-based real estate group.  

With this in mind, the architects have proposed the development of a truly unique space that is enticing to all generations and connects the entire community. Accordingly, architects have decided to build a chain of gorgeous sky gardens and magic fountains in the heart of the project. With this combination, early every morning the family will go jogging along the dew-soaked paths, and in that place Mom is infatuated with yoga exercises, Dad with his child will together explore nature in the magic gardens nestled in the transparent streams in the heart of the project, while Grandparents will sit and drink tea together with the old friends in the neighborhood like in an idyllic park. Everyone is delighted with fascinating fun, and smartphones will stay still in a corner of the house.

In addition, Topaz Twins also boldly spends money on specialized amenities exclusively for young children. According to the project's sales manager, kids tend to immersed themselves with  games on the phones while they're lonely in the four dry walls, without friends nor play places. Yet, when it comes to tempting games, bringing the kids out of the "magic" of those phone sets is not difficult. The greatest gifts that parents can give to their children are not expensive toys but their patience and time. Let's step out into the real world with your child so that "their childhood is not like sand slipping through a sieve meaninglessly”.


In here, after intense hours at school, the kid will be playing with their parents in the cool blue waters of the project's resort swimming pool and her Dad will teach her to swim. Not only that, Topaz Twins also offers a private mermaid pool and a huge playground for small children with stunning fairytale fountains, letting them mingle with adventures in fairy tales.

Small weekendparties at the BBQ where moms and dads get together to be professional chefs, cook together and enjoy delicious food will also help cement the love of the small family together.

Yes, life is so much fun, why do you and your child have to be glued to a cellphone all day?