Shinhan Bank understands that each individual employee is a piece that makes the picture of our success. Therefore, Shinhan Bank always takes the goal of building strong human resources as its guideline in a long-term development strategy.

Mr. Kim Hwi Jin - Deputy General Director of Shinhan Bank Vietnam at HR.

On 01st July 2020, Shinhan Bank received the award “HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia” for the second time, from the well-respected regional HR Asia publication. This is a prestigious award to honor the leading companies that embrace both growth sustainability and enormous efforts in creating an excellent working environment across Asia. This award is recognition for the great efforts to build an ideal working environment of Shinhan Bank during the last time.

Since the establishment of the first Representative Office in Vietnam in 1993, Shinhan Bank has set to build its work force based on three key elements: the ideal working environment, competence development opportunities and humanity value sharing.

The working environment at Shinhan Bank is built on the criteria of equality, respect and development. Shinhan Bank always focus on building and improving the quality of spiritual life for each employee through many internal meaningful activities, such as: Shinhan Way - the biggest annual corporate culture program, Amazing journey - challenging journeys to conquer landmarks in Vietnam. Through these programs, Shinhan Bank also have strengthened the whole-bank firm solidary from the North to the South.

For the chance for competence development, each Shinhan member is given equal chance to improve their professional skills through short-term training courses and internal contests regularly hosted by Shinhan Academy. In addition, excellent staff also has the chance to take special training programs such as On Job Training (OJT) and Global Young Force (GYF). Shinhan Bank, with the strategy toward talent retaining end embracing, has in place the policy to recognize and reward the individuals with excellent performance through quarterly and annually performance award.

Besides, sharing culture is considered one of the cultural beauty at Shinhan. Every Shinhan employee has a mission to share good values with the community through meaningful volunteer activities. By 2019, Shinhan team had donated nearly 6,000 meals to disadvantaged people and offered more than 600 bicycles to the underprivileged students across the country.

Mr. Shin Dong Min, CEO of Shinhan Bank in Vietnam, said: “Getting the award “HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia” for second consecutive year is the convincing proof for our success in building Shinhan Bank as one of the best workplace in Vietnam in particular and in Asia in general. This achievement is thanks to the joint efforts of nearly 2,000 Shinhan members across the South, the Central and the North of the country. I highly appreciate all the efforts and values contributed by each and every Shinhan member. This award also helps to drive us forward to realize our mission of developing a high quality workforce in the future”.

In the coming time, Shinhan Bank will continue its efforts to create a working environment with many opportunities for career advancement and comprehensive training and development policies to make every employee proud to be a member of the Bank.