Save the Children International in Vietnam is looking for:

Consultant to Conduct Mid-term Review for Food & Nutrition Security Component

Northern Mountain Integrated Child Nutrition Improvement Project



The evaluation has the following objectives:

- To assess the effectiveness of project design, strategies and implementation models,

- To assess the progress and the achievement to date against the implementation plan and results framework,

- To review results framework and MEAL plan, and revise them as necessary,

- To identify good practices and explore why those positive changes happen through interviews,

- To identify challenges, lessons learned and provide recommendations to further improve the project quality and propose the revision to reach the project goals by the end of the project.

The results will be informed to SC, World Bank, MOH and partners in project provinces.


The assignment will be done by two local consultants, a M&E expert for Food & Nutrition Security component, and a M&E expert for the Health & Nutrition component. Both consultants should work closely with each other from the proposal development, evaluation process, draft and full report and dissemination.

Task 1. Development of technical proposal for MTR.

The technical proposal should be consistent with the Result Framework and include (i) data sources, (ii) data collection method, (iii) data collection tools (e.g. questionnaires), (iv) data analysis method (v) staffing and estimated budget, (vi) timeline. The proposal should be reviewed by SC and the Bank for approval.

Upon development of draft proposal, the consultant will consider the following suggestions about methodology.

a.       Desk review of all relevant documentation, including:

                              i.              Project documents, baseline survey reports, results framework, MEAL plan

                            ii.              Annual implementation plan, periodic progress reports, mission report, minutes of workshops etc

                           iii.              Implementation guidelines of FNS/H&N component, BCC formative research and SBCC strategy document

                         iv.              All studies and reports produced for and by the project to support the 4 components

                          v.              All other relevant documents

ØThe consultants will review the documents before conducting any interviews.

b.       In-depth interviews and focus group discussions with the beneficiaries and partners involved in the implementation of the project in Yen Bai and Son La provinces, MCH and SC.

Task 2: Undertake the MTR and draft MTR report before Implementation Support Mission by World Bank

The consultants will carry out the MTR in close coordination with and assistance from SC and the concerned provincial officials. After field survey, the consultants consolidate the information and draft a report focusing on key findings and recommendations then submit to SC and the Bank for discussion during the support mission by the Bank in September 2019.

Task 3: Finalization of the MTR report

After the discussion in Task 2, the consultants will complete the full report and submit the report to the SC and the Bank. The final report should include an executive summary, and recommendations on revision of intervention models, the project implementation plan, and result framework.

Task 4: Present the MTR result at the dissemination workshop in Yen Bai and Son La

The consultant will prepare a PowerPoint presentation with the key findings and recommendations, and present it at dissemination workshops to be held in the project provinces.


- Work in close collaboration with Health & Nutrition consultant to carry out the duties described

- Support team leader in reviewing Component 3 (policy advocacy) when the consultant act as team member

- Be responsible for reviewing the following areas:

Ÿ   Results framework and MEAL plan relating to FNS component: whether it is still valid and relevant within the current project context and current economic, political and development circumstances in project provinces

Ÿ   Interventions under FNS component:

ØProgress and achievement to date against the implementation plan and results framework

ØRelevance, applicability, acceptability, effectiveness, sustainability of each low cash input agriculture model (i.e. improved chicken raising models, nutrition vegetable garden, organic compost, SRI, improved soy bean cultivation).

Ÿ   Inter-sectoral cooperation: Review the effectiveness of cooperation between health and agriculture sector from province to village and suggest ways of creating more effective teamwork considering the view of agriculture sector.

Ÿ   Document good practices and lessons learned: Highlight enabling factors under and beyond the project control that affected the achievement of the project outcomes in FNS component

Ÿ   Other relevant areas


- Bachelor degree or higher in the following fields: agriculture and food security, rural development, and nutrition, is required

- Good skills and 6-10 years of relevant professional experiences in M&E, research, capability of using qualitative and participatory research methodologies proficiently

- Good communication and interview skills

- Good analysis and report writing skills

- Fluency in English (reading), proficiency in computer (Excel and Word) is mandatory; Good English writing skills is preferred

- Experience on livelihood support for ethnic minority groups would be a clear advantage

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