Respect family and life with “Just need dad”

Family love always has a solemn place in each person’s heart and mind.

But sometimes, being swept away by life and its temporary desires, people accidentally forget that divine sentiment. By watching the short film, "Just need dad", viewers will respect their families and what they have.

The main actress of the short film is a young lady who wants her parents to buy her a motorbike although she is under 18 years of age. After they refuse to do so, the girl loudly blames her parents, and leaves the room in a fit of anger.

In this day and age, there are many disturbances, conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and children that always exist. The girl, in this short film, is no exception. She gets angry because her dad does not eat dinner with her, but she does not know her dad has to work hard to feed her. She blames her father for drinking alcohol. But her dad’s job requires him to eat with guests regularly. She blames her dad for not caring for the family, not realising her father does all these tasks silently.

Then, an incident changes their lives. The father, who was always devoted to his wife and child, is admitted to the hospital after a stroke. Concerns about his health and the burden of the hospital charges are now on the mother's shoulders. Through the girl shares her mother’s burden, she understands how selfish she was: "I thought dad did not want to buy me a motorcycle to save money. Actually, he prepared the money to buy me one, but he did not want his under 18-year-old daughter to ride a motorcycle."

The burden of paying the hospital’s fees is put on the mother’s shoulders

No longer seeing her father's warm smile, the girl truly understands that life and family are more precious than all the material things in this world. Are her tears of regret too late? Does she have the opportunity to correct her behavior and say, "I just need dad?"

A rustic and intimate story, the film makes viewers experience many levels of emotion, from surprise and pity to sympathy. At the end of the film, each person learns a simple lesson that is precious: Anything can happen without a prior warning. Always take care of and protect your family when possible.

After watching the short film, "Just need dad", many viewers now cherish life and prepare for the future--from preparing a solid financial foundation for the children to confidently step inside the university door, to taking care of their own health and reducing the financial burden of illness for their beloved ones.

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