Youth volunteers build roads in mountains

Update: October, 04/2015 - 03:16
Work all day: More than 1,100 Communist Youth Union members build a road in Nghia Lo in the northwestern province of Yen Bai. — VNS Photo Duy Quynh

Communist Youth Union members work to build roads in disadvantaged, mountainous communes to improve access to bigger cities. Gia Loc reports.

Trang A Chau was one of the beneficiaries in a disadvantaged mountainous commune in Yen Bai Province that have benefited from a road built by Communist Youth Union volunteers.

Until it was built in 2004 people living in Tram Tau District's Ta Xi Lang Commune, mostly ethnic Mong, found it very hard to travel down to other areas in the province.

At that time one of the north-west province's main policies was to build roads to disadvantaged communes and villages, with Tram Tau and Mu Cang Chai districts getting priority.

Ta Xi Lang Commune is situated at a height of 2,000 metres above sea level, and the construction of the 15km road involved eight different units. But the union was in charge of the most difficult and dangerous section.

In mid-March that year 1,144 union members with road-building equipment arrived in Ta Xi Lang to work when temperatures plummeted to three degrees Celsius.

In the difficult terrain involving high, dangerous and sheer mountainsides, they manually dug more than 100,000 cubic metres of soil and used explosives to carve a route through the mountain.

Some other members were in charge of delivering supplies by foot up the mountain for the road workers.

"Now, it is no longer hard to come to my commune," Chau said.

"Motorbikes and cars reach the commune by the road.

"Thanks to the road, construction materials are transported to the commune for building schools, a health clinic and houses more solidly."

"It is very important to enable children to go to school by road", he added.

Since the road was built, the Mong have been transporting agricultural and forestry produce to the district market to sell.

They also travel to neighbouring communes and villages to take part in festivals.

The Ta Xi Lang Road is one of the union's several/many voluntary works that have contributed to the province's development.

Luong Manh Ha, its permanent deputy secretary, said through voluntary work, the union would like to foster an environment for young people to take responsibility for the province's socio-economic development.

"Solidarity with one another is an important aspect of their work", he said.

More than 1,100 of its members are now engaged in building a road abutting Thia Stream in Nghia Lo town, which is famous for the ethnic Thais' Xoe dance that attracts tourists.

Long road: Communist Youth Union members built Ta Xi Lang Road in Yen Bai Province by levelling steep mountainsides in 2004. — Courtesy photo of Yen Bai Communist Youth Union

They are clearing the land for the road and dredging the stream.

Le Van Quy, head of the town Party Committee's public relations division, said it would become one of the key transport routes enabling the town's socio-economic development.

Besides, the attractive landscapes in the vicinity of the road and stream would be exploited for tourism development, he said.

The road would enable the town's north-eastern areas to expand, he added.

During their stay in the commune for building the road, the union members are also organising programmes to disseminate the laws and the Party's policies, which include the Building New Rural Area Programme. Key infrastructure like roads and irrigation works is being built as part of the programme to improve living standards in the countryside.

Giang Thi Su, 20, of Tram Tau District's Pa Lau Commune, one of the volunteers building the road, said: "I will be a beneficiary of the road when it opens to traffic.

"It will help me easily travel and transport agricultural products between the town and my commune as well as to other parts of the province." — VNS