Youngsters in Đắk Lắk eager to volunteer

Update: March, 13/2020 - 10:00
Young volunteers draw murals at a school in Cư Mgar District. — Photo

ĐẮK LẮK — The house of Nguyễn Thị Cháu, 90, is full of smiling young people during the weekends.

Cháu was a youth volunteer in Việt Nam’s resistance war, and now she lives alone in Nam Anh Village, Cư Kpô Commune, Krông Búk District in the Central Highland province of Đắk Lắk.

She is still active though, because young volunteers are using her house to hold the “Bữa cơm ý nghĩa” (Meaningful meals) programme.

So far this month, the volunteers have cooked meals at Cháu’s house twice. About 10 of them help to cook the meals, and she receives VNĐ1 million (US$43) each time.

The programme was launched by the Krông Búk District Social Activities Team. Their main activities include cooking meals, giving presents and repairing houses for poor, old and sick people in the district.

Each person receives VNĐ500,000-1 million ($21-43) each time.

This month, the team has organised 17 meals with a total expense of more than VNĐ20 million ($870).

Many others also benefit from the volunteer campaign.

Standing in front of a new house, Nguyễn Thị Hường, cannot hold back her tears.

“I have never dreamed about living in such a concreted house. I’m really thankful for the volunteers and sponsors for helping me,” Hường told Tiền phong (Vanguard) newspaper.

Hường is a single mum with two children in Village 6, Tân Lập Commune, Krông Búk District.

Vũ Minh Cường, deputy chairman of the district’s Youth Union, said the union raised funds by calling for support from sponsors.

The union targeted building one house per year for poor people.

Other volunteer work includes collecting rubbish.

The Cư Pơng Youth Co-operative was founded in 2017 by Y Hlý, deputy secretary of the Cư Pơng Commune Youth Union.

He founded the co-operative to urge local youths to collect waste in the commune.

“People used to just throw their rubbish out. Now their awareness is improved and they try to keep the environment clean,” he said.

The co-operative has signed contracts with more than 400 households for VNĐ20,000 ($0.8) each per month.

They collect the rubbish and then take it to a dump.

The programme is part of the Month of Youth, which falls in March this year. The month was launched by the Hồ Chí Minh Communist Youth Union.

Together with other youngsters across the country, people in Đắk Lắk have organised different activities in many districts.

In Cư Mgar District, people are impressed with lively murals being painted on school walls.

The Cư Mgar Social Activities Team draw pictures about fairy tales on the walls of schools, often at weekends.

The team of 30 members has painted murals in 10 schools already.

Nguyễn Minh Quý, head of the team, said students in remote areas often quit school early. Beautiful murals would encourage them to stay in school, he said. — VNS