Will a fine on yellow light running help better obedience to traffic law?

Update: July, 22/2016 - 09:00

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This week: Will a fine on running yellow lights lead to improved compliance with traffic laws?

As of August 1, vehicles that run yellow traffic lights will receive a fine similar to ones applied for running red signals. In this case, the yellow light will no longer act as a warning for drivers to proceed with caution, as it has been for ages.

Do you think the move will help enhance traffic obedience?

In another case, a frustrated Hà Nội traffic officer was seen kicking a running motorbike into the median strip.

The driver was speeding in the wrong direction along a busy street in Hà Nội, not wearing a helmet, ignoring police orders and driving without a licence and registration papers.

Should the police officer’s actions be supported? Do you think the officer deserved the suspension he received? What do you think of the people getting fined?

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