What do you think about the brain drain?

Update: December, 11/2015 - 09:22

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What measures Viet Nam should take to avoid brain drain?

The story of a man who earned a scholarship to study in the Netherlands back in 2005 has sparked public interest following his return to work at the Can Tho University of Technology. He is among the few young talented people who have decided to return to Viet Nam after finishing their studies abroad. However, he came into conflict with the school after being denied the time to attend a conference, using his own money, shortly after he started working for the school. The reasons for this have been blamed on different mindsets and mentalities.

The Ministry of Education and Training has revealed that up to 70 per cent of students who study abroad did not return after graduation. Better employment opportunities with higher incomes, advanced working conditions and better living conditions are the main reasons.

Many people have raised concerns about the brain drain and said that young people should return home and contribute to the country. Others said there are many ways of contributing to the country without returning home.

What do you think about the brain drain? Is your country facing the same situation? What measures have the policy-makers applied to keep talented people in your country?

From your point of view, what measures Viet Nam should do to improve the situation?

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