VN feature films screened free on YouTube

Update: September, 20/2021 - 09:00
A scene from Nhà Tiên Tri (The Prophet), a biographical film about President Hồ Chí Minh, which is being screened for free on Việt Nam Film Institute’s YouTube channel. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY — The Việt Nam Film Institute (VFI) is offering nine State-funded Vietnamese films made during different periods for free screening on YouTube.

The work aims to bring Vietnamese films closer to audiences, especially younger generations, and help them learn more about the country’s history.

Among the films are two biographical productions about President Hồ Chí Minh, including Nhà Tiên Tri (The Prophet) directed by Vương Đức and Nhìn Ra Biển Cả (Reaching out to the Open Sea) by Meritorious Artist Vũ Châu.

Nhà Tiên Tri was released in 2015 to mark the 125th birthday of President Hồ Chí Minh (May 19). It follows the President's life and activities from 1947-50 during the resistance war against French invaders.

Nhìn Ra Biển Cả, released in 2010, focuses on the President’s youth. It is set in the early 20th century before he moved to Sài Gòn and worked as a kitchen hand on a French steamer travelling to Marseilles.

In addition, VFI has presented works praising the country’s resistance wars, patriotism, humanity, and lifestyle.

Dòng Sông Hoa Trắng (River of White Flowers), a 32-year-old production by late director Trần Phương, revolves around the life of four beautiful female commandos who devoted their youth to protecting the country.

It features People’s Artists Trà Giang and Lê Khanh, and actress Diễm My.

Meanwhile, Cuộc Đời Của Yến (Yến’s Life) directed by Đinh Tuấn Vũ is about the life of a 10-year-old girl whose marriage was arranged by her parents.  

The film won the Grand Festival Prize at the World Premieres Film Festival in the Philippines in 2016.

It also won the Silver Lotus Award, best actress in a leading role, best music score, best cinematography and best production design, at the 19th Việt Nam Film Festival in 2015.

The screening also features other award-winning films like Lương Tâm Bé Bỏng (Innocent Conscience) from 1993, Chung Cư (The Building) 1999, Mùa Ổi (Guava Season) and Mặt Trận Không Tiếng Súng (Battle Without Gun) 2000, and Đừng Đốt (Don’t Burn) 2009.

All the movies have attracted more than 500,000 views on VFI’s YouTube channel.

YouTube user Trung Giang Tran said young people need to watch more classic films to understand the country’s history, and asked VFI to upload more and more films.

According to VFI, the nine films are outstanding works of Việt Nam’s cinema industry. They were sent to compete at film festivals in the country and abroad, but have not been widely screened at local cinemas.

In the near future, VFI will add more works on its YouTube and other video streaming platforms to popularise Vietnamese films. VNS