Vinhomes Smart City - A modern, ideal and diverse living hub

Update: August, 03/2021 - 18:26

According to investors, Vinhomes Smart City is a well-developed investment project that meets the living standards of even the most demanding customers, from both Việt Nam and abroad. In the west of Hanoi, it has become somewhat of a ‘magnet’ for ex-pats living and working in the capital.

A"ticket" to an American-style tropical resort paradise

After just over two years of living in Hanoi, Chris Evans, 44, a chief representative of a financial company in Vietnam had to move four times because there was no accommodation that could satisfy his needs. He says that his previous accommodation had always bothered him because either the living conditions were okay but it was too far from where he worked, or the place was very cramped and surrounded by other buildings. It made him feel suffocated because there was no open, fresh space for walking or sports to be found.

But then he found Vinhomes Smart City (Nam Tu Liem) and fell completely in love. The large urban project, introduced to him by a colleague, satisfied all his needs and had none of the problems of his former accommodation.

Followers of a vibrant tropical resort lifestyle will hardly be able to ignore The Miami subdivision inspired by the "Playground of the USA" Miami Beach, Florida. With cool blue water in the form of a 1,000m2 outdoor swimming pool, an abundance of greenery and grassy fields, fresh air and dynamic sports areas it’s almost as good as the real thing.

The Miami subdivision - inspired by the "Playground of the USA" - Miami beach (Florida State, USA) with a vibrant tropical resort lifestyle and a 1,000m2 outdoor swimming pool

Living in a ‘paradise’ like the Miami subdivision makes it easy to relax after a stressful day at work. You can recharge with sports activities or simply enjoy the taste of a cosy BBQ with friends. With Vinhomes Smart City, you won’t need to fly thousands of miles to experience an American standard of living, you’ll be able to enjoy it right here in Việt Nam.

“For me, an apartment at The Miami is like a ticket to paradise where you can relax 365 days a year and escape from the hustle and bustle, the pressure and the dust of everyday life in the big city,” Mr Evans says.

In particular, the big advantage of Vinhomes Smart City, as the heart of the new centre of the West of Hanoi, is that it connects directly with the key arterials such as Thang Long Boulevard, Ring Road 3, 3.5, Le Trong Tan Street, among others making moving around the city fast and convenient.

As a destination of the international community in Hanoi

Mr Evans is just one of thousands of foreigners living and working in Hanoi who fell in love at first sight with Vinhomes Smart City - the most livable metropolis in the capital. He chose to make it his home quickly and easily because of the diverse lifestyle it offers.

At Vinhomes Smart City, you have many options. You could choose The Sakura - a typical Asian with traditional values, where you live in harmony with nature and can find your inner peace. You could choose The Victoria. With a vibrant and dynamic Hong Kong-style, it’s a cultural crossroads where East meets West. Or, of course, you could choose The Miami and its fresh, tropical resort-style. A little peace of the United States in Hanoi for a non-stop, fast-paced, and vibrant lifestyle.

Vinhomes Smart City is considered the most livable metropolis in Hanoi with a diverse lifestyle that meets all needs.

"Vinhomes Smart City gives me a familiar feeling like living in my hometown with its 6.1 hectare Zen Park. It’s as though it was brought back from the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan, and gives me a comfortable feeling with all of the infrastructure and high-class facilities I could ask for," says 35-year-old Saito Manabu.

Surprisingly, Vinhomes Smart City also has the appearance of a modern city and will have metro line access around the clock in the future.

“Japanese people all live along metro lines to facilitate travel and business. In Japan, wherever there is a metro line, there are bustling development activities,” Manabu says.

Facilities include a set of three parks including the Zen Park, Central Park and Sportia Park, which create a giant green lung of 16.3 hectares, stretching up to 3 km and filled with high-class facilities. Vinhomes Smart City offers an ‘all-in-one’ residence in the heart of this megacity, where an eco-friendly and smart lifestyle come together in unison, perfect for global citizens.

In addition, Vinhomes Smart City's residents also enjoy Vingroup's unique service ecosystem with management and operation standards guaranteed by the Vinhomes brand. This includes a Vinschool quality inter-level education system, a Vincom mall with a world of endless entertainment, shopping, and dining, a Vinmec international standard healthcare centre and VinBus electric bus system, that aims to build a civilised, modern and environmentally-friendly network.

Vinhomes Smart City is the very first world – class smart city in Vietnam and as the first megacity in Hanoi is the perfect choice for the global citizen who wants all of the creature comforts of home but also wants to live in the cultural mecca that is Hanoi.