Việt kiều pop duo release MV on YouTube

Update: February, 20/2019 - 11:34
Vietnamese-American duo Phương Thảo and Ngọc Lễ released their latest MV, Tôi Yêu Tiếng Việt Tôi (I Love my Vietnamese Language), on YouTube. - Photo captured from the MV
Viet Nam News

HCM CITY — Vietnamese-American duo Phương Thảo and Ngọc Lễ, who have more than 25 years in the industry, have released their latest music video (MV) on YouTube.   

The married couple’s MV, Tôi Yêu Tiếng Việt Tôi ( I Love My Vietnamese Language), sends messages about the country, love, sharing and compassion. It attracted more than 23,400 viewers one week after release.

The work features the song Tôi Yêu Tiếng Việt Tôi, in pop and contemporary folk style, composed by Lễ. It also includes beautiful scenes of landscapes and tourist sites in Việt Nam.

“We were moved during the recording in the studio. We’re proud of singing Vietnamese,” said Lễ.

Thảo and Lễ were a famous duo in the 1990s and 2000s.  

Before working with her husband, a composer and instrumentalist, Thảo was a pop star in HCM City with strong voice and pretty appearance.    

Her hit, Ai Cho Em Tình Yêu (Who Gives Me Love), composed by Lễ in 1990, established the beginning of their partnership.

The couple’s first album, Cà Phê Một Mình (Alone at the Coffee Shop), was a hit phenomenon in the industry.

All songs on the album, composed by Lễ and sung by Thảo, became big hits.

Highlighted songs, such as Xe Đạp Ơi (Dear Bicycle), Xa Rồi Tuổi Thơ (Far-off Childhood) and Con Gái (Girl), are still fresh today.

Their second album, Ru Cho Em Và Con (Lulling You and Children to Sleep), features songs about love and family issues.

The album’s most popular song, Ba Ngọn Nến Lung Linh (Three Glistening Candles), helped the couple become known as the most successful duo in Vietnamese music.

In 2005, they moved to live in the US after Thảo found her American father, who had once worked for the US military in Sa Đéc in Đồng Tháp Province in 1967 and 1968.

They returned to Việt Nam to perform in Dấu Ấn (Hallmark), a TV show produced by Việt Nam Television, in 2015.  The show featured singers and artists who have made great contributions to the country’s contemporary music scene.

Following their MV, Tôi Yêu Tiếng Việt Tôi, the couple will release a series of songs in Vietnamese. — VNS