Văn Quán Lake polluted, stinking up locality: locals

Update: October, 25/2016 - 19:00
The polluted Văn Quán Lake with a thick layer of green algae is emanating a foul smell. – Photo
Viet Nam News

HÀ NỘI – Residents who live around Hà Nội’s Văn Quán Lake are complaining that the lake, once a beautiful spot, has become very polluted and is stinking up its surroundings.

For the past several days, locals said, a strong foul smell has been coming from the lake, which has made life tough for those living close to it. Residents believe that the thick layer of green algae on the surface of the water is causing the stench.

Phan Thanh Thảo, resident of Hà Đông District’s Xa La Urban Area, said people had to cover their noses when going near the lake.

“The air is no longer pure, as it used to be. No one wants to go to the lake to do morning exercises,” she said, adding that she has changed her driving route to avoid the smell.

Bạch Thị Minh Hạnh, another resident of Xa La Urban Area, said she and many other families are forced to shut all their doors and windows to keep the smell out.

The lake’s pollution level has been rising since the past five years, and it got worse during hot, sunny days, she said.

The reason behind the lake’s pollution is the large amount of residential waste water that is being discharged directly into the lake every day, said Phạm Văn Quân, head of residential group No 6 in Văn Quán Ward. “Waste water is flowing continuously into the lake through a large hole that connects with the drainage system.”

The domestic waste water drainage system installed around the lake is not working optimally as it has been in use for a long time.

“Many manholes are choked with garbage and mud, so the sewage water cannot flow through,” he said.

Quân also blames the coffee shops along the lake for encroaching on it and adding to its pollution.

Residents have reported the problem to the concerned agencies several times, but they have not got any response, Quân added.

Lê Văn Sinh, vice-chairman of the ward’s People’s Committee, said it has asked the city’s natural resources and environment department to collect water samples for testing. However, he said, the management board of the housing and urban development group is in charge of waste water treatment. The committee will check the situation, report and ask for a solution, he said.

Văn Quán Lake is located in Văn Quán-Yên Phúc Urban Area, Hà Đông District, and occupies around 2,000 square metres. – VNS