Utopia – a Revolutionary App for Secure Instant Messaging and Crypto Payments

Update: December, 10/2019 - 06:34

The majority of us tend to protect our possessions and try to keep them away from strangers, as it makes us feel uncomfortable when strangers touch something that belongs to us. Albeit when it comes to our personal data, we prefer ignoring how many people not only can see it but also use it for personal gain. Why does this happen?

Maybe because its value is diminishing as it's intangible. However, we all know the importance of privacy issues regarding networks, but we do not have a lot of options on how to protect them. That’s the goal of the group of people who created the exclusive software called Utopia.

Utopia​ is an innovative application that ensures its users' privacy ​ while being online​ . It's a secure and decentrali​zed ecosystem that is based on a unique peer-to-peer network architecture, which doesn't use central servers to store and transmit data. This means only users of the software can participate in data transmission, as nodes of the Utopia P2P Network. In that way, it provides users confidentiality and total privacy.

Fortunately, Utopia software is a truly great solution for anyone who is concerned about their privacy. All you have to do is to download it to your computer. Utopia is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and by 2020, it will have been issued in the form of a mobile app. As it combines many apps, the user gets a variety of features, such as instant messenger, secure e-mail client, electronic wallet, private browser, file manager, maps, and a lot more. In order to use these apps, the only thing the user has to do is create a new Utopia account that doesn’t require any type of verification or identification of the user.

In addition, in this ecosystem, all data, files, messages and contacts are encrypted with a combination of AES256 and Curve25519 encryption methods. Encryption of all data transmitted between Utopia users is enabled by default. Also, all the data is stored in an encrypted file container and only on the user's device.

Utopia's dashboard also includes some unique features that provide users with numerous possibilities, including:

● uMessenger that provides encrypted instant messaging.
● uMail that offers spam-free and secure e-mail service.
● Idyll private web browser that allows anonymous surfing of websites that are hosted on the Utopia Network.
● uNS environment functionality that includes packet forwarding and built-in P2P hosting of websites, network dashboard. This is Utopia’s names registry and alternative to DNS.
● All the features mentioned above are embedded in a super user-friendly environment, where the layout and interface can be characterised as very simple and convenient.

Among others, Utopia grants its users the possibility to conduct instant and anonymous payments via an internal mineable cryptocurrency that is called Crypton. Crypton is a part of uWallet, and it also allows merchants to accept payments on websites quickly and easily with Utopia API.

Crypto Cards is another feature integrated by Utopia, which allows its users to conduct transactions without revealing their public key. This ensures that anonymity and security can be guaranteed.

Finally, this network rewards its users for staying online and supporting the network's stability and speed by participating in data transmission, with new Cryptons through the mining process. The reward is credited every 15 minutes, and, for users to increase the power and speed of mining, they can run mining bots on multiple devices.

In an era when freedom of expression and human rights are no longer respected, the momentousness of software like Utopia, which is unique in the market, is undeniable. So, let's improve the way we interact with network technology.