Turkey proud of its progress on world stage

Update: October, 28/2017 - 09:00
Ancient: Celsius Library in Ephesus.
Viet Nam News

On the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Turkey on October 29, Việt Nam News presents an article written by the Ambassador of Turkey in Việt Nam Akif Ayhan

It is a great pleasure for me to address the readers of Việt Nam News on the occasion of the 94th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey. Taking this opportunity, I would like to present my warmest sympathy and regards to the Vietnamese people, while sharing pride and joy with Turkish citizens everywhere in the world.

On this special day, we pay tribute to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who led the nation’ s war of liberation and whose vision enlightened not only the Turkish nation but also the world.

After more than nine decades of steady progress, Turkey stands today as the embodiment of an inspiring vision, an active member or partner at many international fora and a dynamic free market economy propped up by a young population. In this vein, I ought to mention the recent admission of Turkey into ASEAN as sectoral dialogue partner. This promising step clearly illustrates the growing presence of Turkey in different parts of the world but in particular in Southeast Asia as we approach the centennial of our Republic.

Flying high: Hot-air balloons over Cappadocia. - Photos courtesy of the Embassy of Turkey

We are confident that by 2023, our Republic’s centenary, Turkey will have made further strides at home and substantially increased her contributions to international peace, development and prosperity, from a region where the impact of global changes is quite obvious. The role assumed by Turkey is essential in the face of growing international terrorist threats. Our nation’s successful foiling of the attempted coup d’Etat in July 2016 was an opportunity for our country to clean up the state apparatus, restore constitutional order and thus recover stability. From the politics to the economy, Turkey is stronger.

In the domestic economic field, Turkey has set a number of objectives for 2023. These include becoming one of the top 10 global economies, achieving a GDP of US$2 trillion, reaching an annual trade volume of US$1 trillion and receiving 50 million tourists a year.

The Turkish economy’s GDP has reached US$857 billion, with a growth rate of 3.2 per cent in 2016, becoming the sixth largest economy in Europe and the 17th in the world. The average annual growth rate between 2002 and 2016 was 5.7 per cent. According to the IMF, the Turkish economy is expected to grow 3.8 per cent in 2017 and 3.5 per cent in 2018.

Currently, Turkey is one of the most prominent economic actors in its region. In 2016, exports reached US$142.5 billion and Turkish imports were recorded at US$198.6 billion. Turkish exports are expected to exceed US$156.5 billion by the end of 2017.

Twilight: Sunset in Istanbul.

Turkey and Việt Nam have enjoyed friendly bilateral political relations ever since the establishment of their diplomatic relations in 1978. At the international level, the two countries increasingly extend support and provide incentives to each other. Việt Nam’s assistance for the establishment of Sectoral Dialogue Partnership between Turkey and ASEAN in August 2017 is an example of this fruitful cooperation.

The year 2017 has been a turning point for Turco-Vietnamese ties. The visit by H.E. Binali Yıldırım, Prime Minister of Turkey, to Việt Nam in August 2017 constituted the first-ever official visit at that level between our countries. Both parties reaffirmed their determination to boost multifaceted relations in the shared interests of two peoples. Our Embassy will continue to collaborate with the relevant Vietnamese institutions and authorities toward this objective by activating untapped potential.

During the Joint Economic and Trade Committee meeting in Hà Nội in July 2017, Turkey and Việt Nam agreed on doubling trade volume to $4 billion by 2020. Moreover, some reciprocal cultural events planned for 2018 in line with celebration of the 40th anniversary of establishment of their diplomatic bonds will enhance people-to-people contacts.

I would like to reassert the mutual will of Turkish and Vietnamese leadership for strengthening interactions and shared endeavours between the two countries. The prospects for fertile and brighter cooperation are now clear.

With these thoughts, I once again greet the readers of Việt Nam News with my earnest sentiments while wishing well to the friendly people of Vietnam and to their eminent leaders.— VNS