Tuna tartar with classic Gazpacho sauce

Update: January, 17/2021 - 07:35

with Chef de Cuisine Jean Francois Nulli from JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

Chef de Cuisine Jean Francois Nulli

This refreshing recipe offers a classic gazpacho flavour, loaded with fresh, crunchy vegetables and herbs.


Ingredients: 2 portions

Tuna tartar

- Tuna fillet                                         120 gr

- Sesame oil                                         1 tsp.

- Black and white sesame                   10 gr

- Pink peppercorn                                6 gr

- Extra virgin olive oil                         1 soup spoon

- Vanilla pod                                       1 piece

- Sea salt                                              3 gr

Tuna tartar with classic Gazpacho sauce


- Tomatoes                                          2 pcs

- Bell peppers                                      half a piece

- Cucumbers                                        100 gr

- Onions                                              100 gr

- Basil                                                  5 leaves

- Garlic                                                1 clove

- Salt & pepper

- Sherry vinegar

- Tomato juice                                     200 gr

- Extra virgin olive oil


- Cut the tuna into small cubes.

- For the dressing blend, mix all dressing ingredients together until the mixture is smooth.

- Toss prepared tuna with dressing and season while tasting.

- To make the Gazpacho, chop all vegetables, add sherry vinegar, tomato juice, and extra virgin olive oil and marinate the mixture overnight in the fridge.

- The next day, blend all ingredients and adjust seasoning.

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