Trung Nam Group completes largest wind farm in Việt Nam

Update: April, 17/2021 - 08:30


The 152 MW  wind farm that Trung Nam Group finished yesterday in Ninh Thuận’ Province is the largest in Việt Nam. — Photo courtesy of Trung Nam

NINH THUẬN — Trung Nam Group inaugurated the last phase of its wind farm yesterday in the central province of Ninh Thuận’s Thuận Bắc district, making the 152 MW farm the largest in Việt Nam.

The finished wind farm worth VNĐ4 trillion (US$172.4 million) would produce 423 million kWh of electricity per year. Combined with the solar power plant of 204 MW, which was expected to produce 577 million kWh electricity per year in the same province, the group ran the largest renewable energy of solar and wind power complex in the country and Southeast Asia, said Trung Nam Group.

Nguyễn Tâm Tiến, general director of the Trung Nam Group said: “The event marks an important turning point for the group in its sustainable energy development orientation.”

Tiến said Trung Nam’s 900 ha renewable energy complex was directly connected to the national grid system through Thap Cham 220 kV transformer station. The total annual output of the complex was expected to reach between 950 million kWh and 1 billion kWh of electricity per year.  

Tiến said: “Different from developing solar power projects, developing wind power projects is more complicated due to large investment costs, more time for transport and installation of equipment, especially in the more difficult context of the COVID-19 pandemic."

He said with the experience of a leading energy group, Trung Nam Group has overcome those challenges and completed the third phase of the project.

In the construction, the group collaborated with world leading qualified and professional partners such as Enercon and Sany.

In detail, the project's turbines supplied by Enercon company from Germany could operate with low wind speeds of 2 -2.5m per second and the ability to catch the wind with an average speed of 7.1 m per second. They are the turbines with the largest capacity in the country so far.

Trung Nam said using the advanced equipment, they could reduce the ​​land occupied to only 0.14 ha per MW, lower than the average land use rate of 0.35 ha per MW for other wind farms, significantly contributing to the efficient use of national resources in Việt Nam.

Along with the wind farm, so far, the group has put into operation two solar power projects in Ninh Thuận Province and Trà Vinh Province with a total capacity of over 360MW. Last year, Trung Nam Group became the first private investor in Viet Nam to build and run the transformer station, a 220 / 500KV transmission line and a 450 MW solar power plant successfully.

According to Trung Nam's leader, the group was actively implementing plans to bring 900 onshore, offshore and offshore wind pillars to projects in localities such as Đắk Lắk, Gia Lai, Trà Vinh and Ninh Thuận. Implementing other energy projects in Viet Nam, it targeted to bring 10GW to the national grid by 2027. — VNS


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