Tiền Giang steps up measures to prevent erosion along water bodies

Update: November, 20/2021 - 08:52


The eroded district- level 54C Road between Cai Lậy and Thị Xã Cai Lậy in Tiền Giang Province. – VNA/VNS Photo Minh Trí

TIỀN GIANG – The Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta province of Tiền Giang is taking measures to curb erosion along rivers and canals, the threat of which is increasing in many places.

It has had more than 50 severe cases of erosion affecting a total length of 2,700 metres this year, according to its Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The province has spent nearly VNĐ35 billion (US$1.54 million) to resolve them, it said.

With its dense river and canal networks, erosion is a recurring problem for Tiền Giang during the rainy reason, especially in the western flood – controlling region like Cái Bè, Cai Lậy and Châu Thành districts.

The Cái Bè River in the namesake district and the Ba Rày River in Cay Lậy District and town have seen a total of nearly 900 metres of banks eroded in 32 places.

The department blamed it on the weak foundations of river and canal banks, embankments and dykes, and changes in river flows caused by climate change.

Human causes include unsustainable use of boats and construction of houses and other infrastructure along riverbanks, according to the department.

It has taken a number of measures like building erosion prevention projects, enhancing public awareness of erosion-prevention efforts and growing water hyacinth along riverbanks to absorb the waves hitting the banks, it said.

It has cracked down on people who violate regulations related to protecting dykes and other irrigation works.

It has called on local authorities to review and classify the erosion in various places to draft plans to prevent further occurrence.

In 2016 – 20 the province spent more than VNĐ315 billion ($13.9 million) on 415 severe cases of erosion.

It is spending VNĐ103 billion ($4.5 million) provided by the Government this year on three major erosion-prevention projects: one in Gò Công Đông coast, a 950-metre long erosion area along the 28 Canal in Cái Bè District and a 300-metre long erosion area in the Vàm Láng Border Station in Gò Công Đông District.

It has also petitioned the Government for funds for seven major and urgent erosion-prevention projects. – VNS