Through the lenses: Monks at a border temple

Update: October, 27/2018 - 09:27
Lesson time: A young monk studies at the temple.
Viet Nam News
Krang Krock is an ancient Khmer temple in Châu Đốc District in the southern province of An Giang near the border between Việt Nam and Combodia. The temple is the biggest of its kind in Tịnh Biên - Châu Đốc, and hosts monks and traditional festivals for local residents.
The temple has 40 trainee monks aged between 12-19, who spend a few weeks at the temple every three years. Besides learning Buddhist teachings, they also learn how to farm and handicrafts like carpentry and sculpture. They work and support themselves rather than asking for food from locals. 
Photographer Việt Thanh explores their lives at the temple. — VNS


Need for speed: Monks prepare for an ox race.
Chop chop: Monks carve on wood to make souvenirs and fine arts works for selling.
Warm hearts: Monks give food to stray dogs.
Body and mind: Young monks practise sports to keep fit.