Thousands of land-use right certificates pending for years in Tiền Giang

Update: July, 13/2020 - 17:24


The house of resident Vũ Thị Thuỷ in Mỹ Tho City, who said that the land-use certificate granted by the local authority did not state the right figure of the land area. — Photo

TIỀN GIANG — As many as 57,000 land-use right certificates have not been given to land users for years in the southern province of Tiền Giang as the land users did not agree with the land information provided on the certificates.

The certificates, also known as red books, were compiled with data collected under the Vietnam Land Administration Project on improving and modernising land management in the country.

With a total investment of US$100 million, including $75 million from the World Bank and the remainder from State’s budgets, the project was conducted in nine provinces and cities across the country – Hà Nội, Hưng Yên, Quảng Ngãi, Thái Bình, Bình Định, Tiền Giang, Khánh Hoà, Vĩnh Long and Bến Tre from September 2008 to December 2013.

However, mistakes were found in the certificates, particularly in the areas of land plots. The figures in the certificates do not match the areas land users are using, which causes trouble in land-related transactions, for example, transferring land-use rights or depositing at banks to get loans.

Vũ Thu Thuỷ, a resident in Ward 5, Mỹ Tho City in the province, said she did not want to get the certificate because the area of land she had was more than the area written on the red book.

Director of the province’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment said the province has been slow in granting land-use rights certificates for years.

He said the authorities would correct the certificates and expect to handle pending ones this month.

He said that besides the use of technology, staff at the Land Register Office would assist land users to fill in the information.

“Co-operation among land users and functional authorities is very important to solve the problems,” he said, calling land users to provide exact information. — VNS

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