The ugly father’s beautiful child dilemma

Update: March, 22/2016 - 09:00

There is a joke that’s says only mothers know who their children are for sure. The fathers, spared from the pain and hardship of bearing a child, might still have to live with doubts about his own children his whole life until genetic tests come to his rescue.

Công and Huyền were married for five years and had a handsome son named Thành, who did not look like either of his parents (their real names have been changed). Công started to doubt that Thành was his own child, remembering that his wife got pregnant after a few months he was away on a business trip.

Tired of explaining over and over that the child was his, Huyền took the family to the Centre for Genetic Analysis and Technologies (CGAT) to settle the suspicion once and for all. The tests confirmed that Thành was Công’s son, yet he still could not believe it. Thành was too handsome to be his son.

“He can’t be my son because he isn’t anything like me. My whole family doesn’t have anyone that handsome either,” Công said to the centre’s director.

Công returned home with his imagination full of all kinds of conspiracies about how his wife had cheated on him, and complained to his mother about the test results.

Being unable to persuade Công to believe his wife, the mother was left with no choice but to disclose to Công that his biological father was not the same man who had brought him up. The old couple had previously decided to take their secret to the grave, but her son’s family was on the verge of breaking apart.

All Công knew about his biological father was that he was also very handsome, and that managed to convince him that Thành was his real son.

The lesson learned here? Always ask your mum first when you think your children are too beautiful to be true!