Tết film releases earn big profits

Update: February, 02/2019 - 07:00
A scene in Cua Lại Vợ Bầu (Love Again), a comedy produced by Nhất Trung, raked in more than VNĐ12 billion (US$517,000) in ticket sales in just three days beginning on January 25. About 180,000 tickets were sold. The film is among four Vietnamese films released for Tết, the year’s biggest season. — Photo courtesy of the producer
Viet Nam News

HCM CITYA Vietnamese comedy being shown in cinemas nationwide during Tết (the Lunar New Year) holiday is expected to do well at the box office.

Producer Nhất Trung’s Cua Lại Vợ Bầu (Love Again) raked in more than VNĐ12 billion (US$517,000) in ticket sales in just three days starting January 25. About 180,000 tickets were sold.

The film is a full-length comedy starring Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc, winner of Golden Kite Best Actress award in 2010 and 2015, and famous comedian Trấn Thành.

It features love using comedic and exciting action.

We are hopeful that the numbers will shoot up further," said Trung, who is also the film’s director.

Private film companies in HCM City have spent large amounts of money for movies for release at Tết. They are waiting for large crowds and high ticket sales.

Comedies Trạng Quỳnh (Dr Quỳnh) and Táo Quậy (Kitchen God Acts) will be in cinemas on Tuesday, the first day of the lunar calendar.   

Trạng Quỳnh is produced by Thiên Phúc Studio, a private film company owned by theatre director and comic actor Đức Thịnh.

The film is based on Vietnamese folk tales about cunning tricks of Nguyễn Quỳnh, a scholar of Thanh Hóa Province living under the Lê-Trịnh reign between 1996 and 1718.

It stars actress Nhã Phương, winner of Best Actress at the Cánh Diều Vàng (Golden Kite) Awards from the Việt Nam Cinematography Association last year.

Thịnh’s latest comedy film, Siêu Sao Siêu Ngố (Super Star- Supper Silly), earned more than VNĐ107 billion ($4.58 million) in ticket sales last year.  

“I hope my film, Trạng Quỳnh, will repeat the success,” Thịnh said.

Young film director Toàn Joshua made his debut with Táo Quậy, a comedy based on traditional tales.

The film tells the story of Ông Táo (Kitchen God), who, as tradition, leaves for heaven to report about the family to the God of Heaven on the 23rd of the last lunar month. He returns to the kitchen on the 30th.  

With its veteran and talented cast, including Lê Bình and Trung Dân, the film is expected to be a draw with audiences. 

Last Tết, one of the three top hits in cinemas was the Vietnamese comedy Ngày Nảy Ngày Nay (The Lost Dragon), a production by Canadian-Vietnamese director Cường Ngô.

The film depicts the adventure of two women who live on a planet far away from earth. They are on a mission to discover the earth and its people. Both decide to live in a circus in HCM City where they learn about love and friendship.

It earned VNĐ40 billion ($1.8 million) in ticket sales in the first three weeks of its release, attracting 500,000 people. — VNS