Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park launches wooden rollercoaster: the anger of the wooden snake

Update: January, 28/2022 - 13:59

Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park Marine Entertainment Complex – by Sun Group on Hon Thom Island (Phu Quoc) – will officially launch the very first wooden roller coaster in Việt Nam, during Lunar New Year.

Going into on February 1, 2022 - the first day of the Lunar New Year, with the name Moc Xa Thinh No (the anger of the wooden snake), the roller coaster is rated by experts as one of the most thrilling and challenging rides in the world.


Moc Xa Thinh No at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park (Phu Quoc) is the very first wooden roller coaster in Vietnam

With the highest point at 32.4 meters, 14 steep slopes, and twisted spirals interweaving or overlapping each other, Moc Xa Thinh No is no doubt an incredible ride. The rollercoaster represents the fury, anger, and roar of a wooden snake on a legendary deserted island.

In a whirl of excitement, visitors will enjoy the ride that lasts two minutes, along almost 900 metres of continuously winding and spiralling rail.

Sliding downhill visitors will experience, quite literally, a rollercoaster of emotions, as they crawl along the spine of the “giant snake” to the top. Here visitors can capture the cool green spaces and a vast sea of Hon Thom paradise-like island. Then suddenly, the roller coaster plunges into the depths in a blink of an eye and leans into a spiralling circle, which makes the passengers feel like their body is about to bounce off the tracks.

Riders will become engulfed in the fury of the beast when they hear the creaking of the wooden slats and the sound of the wind whistling in their ears as the roller coaster glides at full speed. The feeling of slowly gliding to the finish line is a burst of joy. The anger of the snake gently subsides because people have managed to tame the beast.

The 1,355 concrete column foundations are embedded deep into the ground to support 1,000 cubic metres of special wood imported from America.

From above, the ride looks like an immense artwork of interweaving wooden slats. The wood used to create Moc Xa Thinh is yellow pine wood from the southern part of America. It was impregnated and specially treated with CCA compound to achieve high durability, anti-termite, and antibacterial ability; it’s also non-corrosive by rainwater or UV rays, avoiding cracks and structural deformation when the temperature changes.

The lifespan of the wood is up to 50 years. It has extremely good shock resistance, so wooden roller coasters are often seen as highly safe and have a smoother glide than regular roller coasters.

Once again, Sun Group “stands on the shoulders of the giants” when they chose to partner with Great Coaster International (GCI) – to create this incredible ride. GCI has more than 25 years of history, creating more than 30 wooden roller coaster projects around the world, including Wodan Timbur Coaster in Germany, and Python in the bamboo forest in China.

This rise is “one of the most twistedly designed wooden roller coasters in the world”

As for the project at Hon Thom, GCI’s expert Luis Alberto Torres said that Moc Xa Thinh Na has a spectacular running track and super "smooth" glides and exciting "falls". Brad Loxley, Deputy General Director of Sun World, commented: "This is probably one of the most twistedly designed wooden roller coasters in the world."

The launch of a new game that Sun World carried out on Hon Thom island also marks the birth of a brand new themed subdivision called Exotica Village.

GCI expert Luis Alberto Torres said that Moc Xa Thinh Na had a spectacular running track with super "smooth" glides and exciting "falls."

Brad Loxley, deputy general director of Sun World, said: "This is probably one of the most twistedly designed wooden roller coasters in the world."

The launch of the ride also marks the birth of a brand-new themed subdivision called Exotica Village.

In Spanish, exotica means "strange."  And the strange village on Hon Thom Island will welcome visitors to a unique adventure. There are huge wooden wrecks lying deep on the ocean floor that have been eaten away by sediment and marine life.

The unexpected encounters with strange beasts are like stepping out of the Pirates of the Caribbean, as ancient treasures and mysterious ruins suddenly appear. All senses are activated and the feeling of excitement increases on the twisty roads through the ancient decks or wooden rails.

The unique design of the Exotica Village themed subdivision

In 2022, Exotica Village will launch two more challenging rides, Mat Dai Bang (Eagle’s Eyes) and Con Loc Xoay (Tornado).

With Mat Dai Bang, visitors will be able to explore Hon Thom and Phu Quoc sea vertically, on a 360-degree observatory, with a height of up to 120 meters.

Con Loc Xoay will be a stormy ride that makes explorers' hearts jump out of their chests, following the gondola's random route along a 43-meter-tall steel mast.

With a trip to Hon Thom this Tet, in addition to Moc Xa Thinh Na in the Exotica Village, visitors can also explore the ocean with an exciting scuba diving trip that makes you "just want to travel and not go home" after you have touched the colourful coral reefs and watched them without taking your eyes off the brilliant marine life of the paradise island.

Hon Thom Paradise Island offers an incredible ride of a lifetime.

But this is only a small part of the discoveries that Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park brings to visitors. The bow-shaped beaches are as white as cream, and the water is crystal clear. The primaeval forests appear mysteriously green. Rock reefs in all shapes and sizes wade through the gentle sound of water in the sea breeze. Visitors will be relaxed when surfing the cable car across the sea, capturing a lively Phu Quoc with the blue sea bobbing with each row of fishing boats.

There are 20 challenging slides at Asia's leading water park - Aquatopia Water Park - and a series of sea games such as pontoon house, kayaking and parachute flying. It is a whole paradise of discovery and experience, as Hon Thom has been making itself a magnet for visitors to Phu Quoc. It is now even more irresistible with Sun Group adding the Moc Xa Thinh Xa challenge and the Exotica Village.

Hon Thom will rock this new year. And in 2022, Hon Thom will see visitors constantly going from one surprise to the next as new Exotica Village rides released. All have been created step-by-step creating, bringing this paradise beyond the expectations of visitors of all ages.

Hon Thom will rock this new year. And in 2022, Hon Thom will also make visitors constantly go from one surprise to another when new games at Exotica Village are released, along with experiences that have never appeared in Vietnam, which are designed by investor Sun Group. All have been step-by-step creating and bringing this paradise beyond the expectations of visitors of all ages.