Sun Group opens new cruise port

Update: May, 03/2019 - 18:21

QUẢNG NINH — Real estate and construction Sun Group on April 28 opened a new cruise port to serve as a safe, convenient and high-class gateway for visitors coming to take a tour of Hạ Long Bay.

The port is part of the VNĐ1.1 trillion (US$47.3 million) Hạ Long International Cruise Port and located on the left side of the Hòn Gai-Cái Lân stream in Hạ Long City’s Bãi Cháy Commune.

The Hạ Long International Cruise Port is beside the entertainment park Sun World Hạ Long Complex and is only a five minute drive from Hạ Long Market and Quảng Ninh Museum.

The inland water port also helps connect Bãi Cháy with Quảng Ninh Province’s political, economic and cultural centre in Hòn Gai City.

The inland water port is located at the centre of Bãi Cháy Commune in Quảng Ninh Province’s Hạ Long City, making it easier for tourists to access Hạ Long Bay. — Photo courtesy of Sun Group

Its location makes sure it will become a destination for cruisers, high-speed boats and yachts. Both Vietnamese and foreign visitors will find it easy to travel around Hạ Long Bay and experience the local culture, cuisine and landscape.

The port is designed with four modern wharfs with a maximum loading capacity of 300 boats that sail to Hạ Long Bay, Bái Tử Long Bay and Gia Luận Port (Cát Bà Island).

It can also serve yachts, large high-speed boats and cruisers that stay overnight. Wharf number 1 and 2 are 488m long each while the wharf number 3 and 4 are 244m and 171m long, respectively.


The inland water port has modern facilities to make sure visitors and boats are safe. — Photo courtesy of Sun Group

Tourists will also feel it safe as the port is equipped with a standardised fire system, many life vests along the wharf and a buoy corridor. The port also has a large, modern pontoon system that can assist boats to dock easily to receive power, food, drink and other supplies.

The superior design of the port also eradicates worries boats anchored overnight will capsize as the port is designed to move with the tide.


Yachts and boats are safe when docking at the port thanks to the port’s safe floating mechanism. — Photo courtesy of Sun Group

Tourists will also have wonderful experiences as they enjoy splendid architecture, delicious food and shopping when they wait for their tours to start. With a three-storey building of 13,500 square metres with a 2,000-person capacity, the port provides well-equipped waiting rooms, tax-free shops for visitors as well as restaurants, fast food stores and souvenir shops.

With the “magic hand” of Bill Bensley – one of the world’s top designers and architects – the port station is the ingenious combination of both Vietnamese and European culture and architecture, reflecting a corner of the ancient town of Hoi An and a 13th century ship with steel ceilings, wooden pillars and expensive furniture.


The port’s waiting station is equipped with green spaces to help make visitors feel comfortable when waiting for their trips. — Photo courtesy of Sun Group

The station is separately equipped with 27 picture frames displaying the sea charts and travelling ships. Its architecture will help comfort visitors when waiting for their turn to sail.

The Hạ Long International Cruise Port started operating on December 30, 2018. In the past four months, the port received nearly 56,000 visitors and nearly 40 large-sized yachts like World Dream, Mein Chiff and Westerdam.


The international cruise port has received nearly 56,000 visitors in four months of operation. — Photo courtesy of Sun Group

With the launch of the inland water port, the Hạ Long International Cruise Port has become the first specialised international cruise port in Việt Nam that is capable of welcoming both domestic and international tourists.

It is hoped that it will contribute to the growth of Quảng Ninh Province’s tourism sector as the province targets receiving 16 million visitors in 2020. The Hạ Long International Cruise Port is expected to maximise its advantages among key instruments to help further develop the sea travel segment for Quảng Ninh Province. — VNS