Smartphones not smart in exam

Update: July, 05/2016 - 11:31

Smartphones not smart in exam

Hundreds of thousands of students across the country have been sitting the national high school exams that are also university entry tests.

As in previous exams, many students have tried various ways to cheat in the exams but were still found out and fined by inspectors for violating exam regulations.

Following in the steps of former candidates, but smarter, a candidate at the Hà Nội-based University of Forestry exam venue tried to apply new technology by bringing a tiny hi-tech device into the exam room to avoid being discovered. He put a tiny earphone into his ear, which allowed him to get assistance from his friend outside the exam room.

However, as he was sitting at the first table in the exam room, very close and in front of the examiner, the candidate could not use the device. After two hours, his friend outside the exam room felt anxious because he hadn’t received any message from the candidate and decided to call him.

Perhaps because he was anxious, the candidate had pressed the “loudspeaker” button instead of the “silent” button on his phone, allowing the examiner to hear the incoming call.

The examiner checked the candidate and found him to have brought in a mobile phone and another high-tech device into the exam room, which is banned for all candidates.

He was then suspended from the examination.

So, smartphones are not always smart in all circumstances if you are not smart at using them.

Naked model photos welcomed back

One month ago, models, singers and artists who love taking and spreading nude photos on the Internet had to say goodbye to their hobby after the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism decided to ban such activity.

Under the circular issued by the ministry, models and beauty pageant winners were banned from taking naked photos of themselves or recording themselves naked or wearing “inappropriate” clothing and deliberately or accidentally spreading these images online.

The move was made by the ministry after it felt shocked and fretted when some models and beauty pageant winners took nude photos and spread them on the Internet.

However, after the ban was issued and posted online for public comment, it received strong criticism from the public, especially the press and models.

Also, after the circular was issued, many models and beauty pageant winners still took and posted naked photos on their Facebook pages.

Director of the ministry’s Department of Legal Affairs, Hoàng Minh Thái said the ministry decided to kill the ban because the circular received many objections and to avoid it overlapping with other regulations.

The ban was killed as easily as it was issued one month ago.

So welcome back naked model photos. - VNS