Should we celebrate International Women's Day?

Update: March, 06/2015 - 09:39
March 8, International Women's Day, is always a special occasion for Vietnamese women. They are treated extra nicely for 24 hours. Women are given beautiful bouquets of flowers and gifts from their beloveds, and taken out in the evening. Married women will be free from housework, as their husbands will usually do the chores for them. All they need to do is sit around and wait for gifts. That's why Vietnamese women eagerly await the holiday.

However, for some foreigners the celebration is a bit odd. Some have said to Viet Nam News that it is a weird experience, and they had no clue the holiday existed until they came to Viet Nam. Some even described the celebration as discrimination against women, as they should be loved and treated well all year round.

Is International Women's Day celebrated in your country? How? Is it different from how we celebrate it in Viet Nam? If you don't celebrate the day, what do you think about the celebration in Viet Nam?

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