Practice shooting at targets without bullets

Update: April, 12/2016 - 15:21

Practice shooting at targets without bullets

Shooting is a sport that requires hard training and practice from those who participate in it. However, many shooters from the national shooting team have practiced shooting without bullets over the past year.

What they needed to do during the shooting practice was just hold the guns, look into the telescopic sights and pull the trigger. However, no bullets were fired and the shooters have no idea whether they could hit the target or not.

They remind me of my son at home when he plays a game with a plastic gun. His ‘shooting’ and the game, of course, bring him no shooting skills.

Shooter Hà Minh Thành said it was totally different practicing to shoot with  and without bullets. Shooting with bullets help the shooters feel the kickback of the gun for proper adjustment and to shoot the target accurately. However, shooting without bullets did help you practice the steps of shooting, he said.

Hồ Thanh Hải, a coach from the Military Shooting Team, said only when bullets were used would coaches know exactly which athletes shot well or not. 

The key reason behind the shortage of bullets is the shortage of funds.  

Meanwhile, shooters across the world and in the region have never faced a shortage of bullets. They even practise with very high quality products imported from Europe, according to a coach from the national shooting team.

We can partly sympathy with the athletes for their failure to compete with others at regional or international competitions.

Violation punishers found breaking rules

Inspectors of Ba Đình Ward in the central province of Thanh Hóa have recently been found driving a car with an expired registration on their hunt for urban violations such as illegal parking and the illegal use of pavements.

However, while trying to uncover infractions and punish violators, the inspectors themselves were violating Government regulations on the technical safety of road travelling vehicles.

The car’s registration had expired and should not have been allowed on the road since 2013.

The case caused great concern among the public, as these officials who are responsible for punishing violators, broke the regulations themselves. 

A representative from the People’s Committee of Ba Đình Ward explained that the inspectors temporarily used the car because they did not have enough funds to buy a new one.

However, Lê Xuân Hòa, Deputy Head of the People’s Committee of Thanh Hóa province’s Urban Regulation Office, said it was unpleasant to see these inspectors breaking the rules while they are on duty to look for violations.

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, who doubles as chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee, has recently asked the concerned agencies to control vehicles with expired registrations as the use of these vehicles may lead to a higher risk of road accidents.

Head of Thanh Hóa’s Traffic Police, Nguyễn Hồng Hải, said that cars with expired registrations would be confiscated.

To prevent urban violations, inspectors themselves should provide a good example for people to follow, instead of a bad one. — VNS