PM warns against avian flu outbreak

Update: February, 15/2014 - 09:35
HA NOI (VNS)— Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung yesterday sent a dispatch to ministries, top-level agencies and localities, urging them to make every effort to combat avian influenza.

In the dispatch, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, who is also the head of the National Steering Committee for Bird Flu Prevention and Control, was requested to offer guidance to localities as they work to prevent an outbreak of the avian flu.

There is an urgent need to establish inspection teams to promote anti-bird flu efforts at localities, especially those vulnerable to the disease in the northern region, the dispatch said.

Dung also requested the Health Ministry to closely check the implementation of preventive measures against A/H7N9 bird flu and other types of flu viruses.

Ministries, branches and localities were asked to promptly devise plans in preparation for the outbreak of new strains of avian flu viruses, while spreading information about the danger.

Poultry breeders and traders should be made aware of hygiene requirements, disinfection procedures and safety breeding models in order to lessen the risks of infection and virus outbreaks, noted officials.

The Prime Minister also urged agencies to take samples of poultry at markets to quickly detect avian influenza, while closely inspecting poultry trading in each locality.

He further noted that the transportation and marketing of untreated poultry and poultry products of Chinese origin are prohibited.

Meanwhile, it is a high priority for media agencies to inform the population about the development of the disease in a timely and accurate manner, he said.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations has warned that there is a high risk that A/H7N9 would penetrate Viet Nam through the northern provinces and those that market illegally imported poultry of unidentified origin. — VNS