Pin pricked victims receive PEP for HIV

Update: April, 08/2019 - 19:02


A patient receives PEP medicine. - Photo

HCM CITY — Ten victims of pin prick attacks in District 5, HCM City, have come to Hospital of Tropical Diseases to receive post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV, Tuổi trẻ (Youth) newspaper reports.

The victims were stabbed by a man carrying a sharp object while driving in different areas in District 5, mostly near Nguyễn Văn Cừ Street from March 23 to early April.

On Sunday, the hospital reported the cases to the city’s Police and Department of Health.

According to the victims, a perpetrator was a middle aged man, sometimes driving a Honda Wave motorbike.

They took antiretroviral medicines and will be re-examined in the next four weeks.

Victims of previous pin prick attacks tested negative for HIV after receiving PEP at the hospital.

On the same day, District 5 police found the suspect and he shows signs of mental illness.

They are conducting further investigation into the case.

HCM City residents, especially those who frequently travel on Nguyễn Văn Cừ Street, are terrified by the incidents, the newspaper reported.

Lê Mạnh Hùng, the hospital’s deputy director, advised that in case of similar incidents, victims should go to hospital to receive PEP as soon as possible.  VNS 

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