Payment dodgers, beware!

Update: October, 18/2016 - 09:00

The owner of a tattoo shop on Lê Văn Sỹ Road in HCMC’s District 3 posted on his facebook that a man came to his shop on Saturday and asked for a tattoo on his right arm.

When the tattoo was nearly completed, the man asked to go out, intending to run away. But he was caught by the owner of the shop and ended up with one more tattoo saying: “I will not dare to refuse to pay money for tattoos.”

The owner of the shop also posted a video clip of him tattooing the man on his Facebook page. In the clip, the would-be escapee kept hiding his face with his T-shirt in shame.

The clip received many likes and comments sympathising with the punishment.

If you want to be a playboy, do not refuse to pay for it.

10% discount for cockroach in pot

An anonymous woman and a group of friends ordered mushroom dishes last Thursday at a shop on Láng Hạ Street in the Đống Đa District of Hà Nội. After 45 minutes of waiting, an employee brought pots of cooked food to each person in the group.

To the surprise of her friends, one woman immediately found a cockroach in her pot and removed it with chopsticks.

The shop manager gave the customers new dishes of food, saying the cockroach might have run into the pot from elsewhere.

The manager also proposed a 10 per cent discount for the meal. He said the shop used to have cockroaches and they had used various measures to kill them, but cockroaches could still appear unexpectedly, though not usually at the shop.

After such an incident, it is more reasonable to give the customer a free meal, instead of a 10 per cent discount. The shop could lose many customers with such shoddy work and poor food safety and hygiene. — VNS