Ngân Đình deep fried shrimp spring roll

Update: June, 06/2021 - 08:44

With Chef Li Suen Wai, executive Chinese chef of Windsor Plaza Hotel in HCM City

Ngân Đình deep fried shrimp spring rolls..VNS Photo

This week, Hong Kong chef Li Suen Wai presents Ngân Đình deep-fried shrimp spring roll, a standout dish at Ngân Đình Cantonese Restaurant. The roll dish can be served at home party and its preparation is not complicated so you can make the delicacy at home to surprise your family or friends this weekend.

Ingredients:  for 40 rolls

- Fresh white shrimp: 1kg

- Hong Kong tofu skin: 2 sheets

- Peeled water chestnut:  200gr

- Pork fat: 250g

- Tapioca flour: 150gr

- Cooking oil: 1 litre

- Spices: salt, sugar, and ground pepper

Chef Li Suen Wai, executive Chinese chef of Windsor Plaza Hotel in HCM City.


  • Peel and devein shrimp, then wash and dry, or use a towel to absorb the water, finally, put it in a blender. Add pork fat, peeled water chestnut, and season with salt, sugar, ground pepper, and a little tapioca starch; then, grind well until seasoning and ingredients turn into a shrimp paste.
  • Spread Hong Kong tofu skin on a flat table, cut off hard edges and cut into large rectangles for easy wrapping. Add shrimp paste and roll into a long cylindrical roll, about 3cm in diameter.
  • Note that when rolling the edge of the tofu skin, you should take a little bit of shrimp paste to make it stick closed so the roll does not unravel when frying.
  • After finishing the shrimp rolling, cut the rolls into small balls about 2-3cm, (If you fry a large quantity at one time, you should dip a little tapioca flour at both ends of the balls to avoid sticking together)
  • Heat the oil in pan to about 120 degrees C, put the rolls in and fry for about eight minutes until golden and crispy. When shrimp rolls are ready for serve, set them on a plate and garnish as pictured. 
  • You can enjoy the delicious shrimp rolls at Ngân Đình Restaurant, Windsor Plaza Hotel at 18 An Dương Vương Street in District 5. For reservarions, or takeway, call (028) 3830 8888. VNS