New TV show stars young theatre actors

Update: August, 10/2016 - 09:00
Family affair: Young actor Linh Tý (centre) and his parents, cải lương stars Linh Tâm and Cẩm Thu, perform in Sao Nối Ngôi, a new TV show about traditional music and theatre produced and aired on Vĩnh Long Television. (sao noingoi facebook)
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VĨNH LONG – A TV show on Vĩnh Long Television’s THVL1 channel featuring young theatre actors is attracting audiences in the Mekong River Delta region.

The Sao Nối Ngôi (Young Stars) show, produced by Vĩnh Long Television, showcases performances of vọng cổ (nostalgic tunes), cải lương (reformed opera) and tuồng or hát bội (classical drama), traditional genres of theatre in the southern and central regions. 

People’s Artist Bạch Tuyết, teacher of many cải lương stars, said: “Our programme invited children of well-known actors because we wanted to encourage young faces to keep their family’s artistic tradition and develop their career.”  

“I love to see veteran actors and their children perform together in Sao Nối Ngôi. I believe that our theatre should be transferred from older generations to younger ones,” she said.

Linh Tý, oldest son of cải lương stars Linh Tâm and Cẩm Thu, said: “Working besides my parents has been my biggest wish for more than 10 years. My parents gave me my first lessons on stage. They helped develop my art in a professional way.”

Tý began his career when he was seven years old. He has performed in more than 70 plays and hundreds of TV shows and videos.

“Performing in Sao Nối Ngôi is a chance for us to participate show our love for theatre,” said the 26-year-old actor. 

Last week, Tý and his parents have performed in Bài Ca Tìm Mẹ (Song of Mother) a cải lương play featuring social problems, written by Tý’s grandfather, Trương Vũ.

“I’m a fan of Tý’s parents, who were big stars on stage in the 1990s. I’m very happy to see two generations in a family perform together on TV. I believe their art will stay alive," said Nguyễn Thị Bé, a resident of Cần Thơ City.

Theatre director Châu Ngọc Ẩn, the show’s art director, said: “Our show attracted 15 young performers, who were all given training in singing, dance and music taught by their parents.”  

“We plan to work with radio and TV stations in the region to offer shows for these young performers. For kids who have a talent, we will send them to study at art schools in HCM City and Cần Thơ.”

The programme’s next show will feature a series of vọng cổ songs and extracts from famous tuồng plays, such as Huyền Trân Công Chúa (Princess Huyền Trân) and Trần Quốc Toản (Young Hero Trần Quốc Toản).  

The show will include child actors Hồng Nhung, Bình Tinh and Thiêng Ngân, all of whom were trained by their parents, including veteran artists Kim Tử Long, Duy Phương, Lê Giang and Vũ Linh

The show airs every Tuesday. — VNS