New songs by young musicians released for summer

Update: July, 04/2016 - 09:00
Musician of the Year: Composer Phạm Toàn Thắng released the new single Nắng Cực (Hot Sunshine) for the summer music season. — VNS File Photo
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HCM CITY –  Songs about summer and love composed and sung by musicians in their 20s have become the biggest hits of the season. 

Composer Phạm Toàn Thắng, winner of Musician of the Year at the Cống Hiến (Devotion) Music Awards in 2015, released a new single, Nắng Cực (Hot Sunshine), for the summer season.

The song’s lyrics contain a message about global warming, while its melody is a mixture of trap, hip hop and đờn ca tài tử folk music of southern Việt Nam.

“My inspiration came from the hot summer in HCM City. It took me only two hours to write Nắng Cực,” said Thắng, who mixes traditional and contemporary music genres.

After only one week of release, the song attracted more than 220,000 listeners on local online music channels and

“The song makes me feel cooler during the hot summer,” said Nguyễn Đăng Khoa, who likes many of Thắng’s compositions, such as Vẽ (Drawing) and Dấu Mưa (Trace of Rain).

Khoa said he liked the meaningful lyrics of Thắng’s songs, and the way the composer mixed folk music with rock and hip hop.

In mid-May, Thắng introduced a demo for Nắng Cực, which received a warm welcome from music fans.

“Thanks to my fans’ support, I decided to improve the song,” said the 28-year-old musician, who started to compose when he was in the 10th grade.

The song saw Thắng reuniting with young singers Trúc Nhân and Trương Thảo Nhi, who worked together to produce the hit Bốn Chữ Lắm (Four Important Words).

It won an award at the Devotion Music Awards, as well as a Journalists Council Award and Song of the Year at Bài Hát Việt 2014 (Vietnamese Song 2014), a TV show that showcases new works by Vietnamese songwriters.

Nắng Cực also features the voice of singer Bá Hưng.

“The four of us want to bring a joyful and fresh atmosphere during the hot summer days,” Thắng said.

The new single from HCM City-based musician Vương Anh Tu, Anh Cứ Đi Đi (Just Go Away), has had more than 1.2 million listeners on after one month of release.

The ballad has a gentle melody with moving words about the pain a woman suffers from a failed affair.

It features the voice of Hari Won, a Vietnamese-Korean singer who returned to Việt Nam in 2013 to develop her career as an actress and singer.

She has played leading roles in the films Chàng Trai Năm Ấy (Dandelion), released in 2014 and directed by Nguyễn Quang Huy, and Bệnh Viện Ma (Haunted Hospital) directed by Võ Thanh Hòa this year.

Hari is now filming a music video for Anh Cứ Đi Đi, which is expected to be released early this month.

“When I started to write Anh Cứ Đi Đi, I thought of Hari. Then, after meeting her, I knew it was truly for her, a woman who devotes all her heart to love,” Tú said.

In his mid-20s, Tú has written dozens of songs which have become hits for young singers like Ông Cao Thắng, Đông Nhi and Bùi Bích Phương.

He has also released Giúp Anh Trả Lời Những Câu Hỏi (Help Me Answer These Questions) featuring his voice, which was on the top list of the local music board, although it was released a few months ago.

“In the near future, I’ll try to write songs about joy and happiness. I hope my fans will like them,” said Tú, who began composing at the age of five. 

In hopes of creating another hit, he is working with pop star Hồ Ngọc Hà and young singers Noo Phước Thịnh and Sĩ Thanh.

“I’m on my way to win audiences’ hearts by creating quality music products,” Tú said.

This week, many young composers like Mr Siro and Khắc Hưng released new singles.

Mr Siro’s ballad Trái Tim Em Cũng Biết Đau (My Heart Still Hurts) featuring the voice of young singer Bảo Anh and Hưng’s Cuộc Tình Không May (Unlucky Affair) with pop star Mỹ Tâm are also expected to become popular songs this summer. — VNS