New hát bội performances celebrate August Revolution

Update: August, 17/2018 - 18:00
Tuồng and hát bội artists from the HCM City Hát Bội Theatre will stage a free programme for visitors on Sunday on HCM City’s Bùi Viện Walking Street in District 1, as part of the city’s cultural activities marking the 73rd anniversary of the 1945 August Revolution. — Photo
Viet Nam News

HCM CITY — A traditional theatre programme offering tuồng and hát bội (classical drama) will be staged free on HCM City’s Bùi Viện Walking Street on Sunday to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the 1945 August Revolution (August 19).

The event will offer extracts from historical plays in praise of national heroes, including Trần Cao Vân Mang Hồn Nước (Revolutionary Trần Cao Vân) and  Đào Tam Xuân Đề Cờ (Heroine Đào Tam Xuân Raises the Flag)

“Our shows will feature veteran and young performers of the HCM City Hát Bội Theatre,” said Meritorious Artist Nguyễn Hoàn, deputy director of the theatre.

“To attract visitors and help them learn about the art form, we will offer leaflets describing the plays’ meaning in English,” he said.

Tuồng or hát bội is a unique genre of Vietnamese theatre that originated in the 12th century.

The art, which consists of singing and dancing accompanied by music, is highly stylised and filled with symbolism.

Its themes include monarchist loyalty and patriotic duty which define the play’s structure, language, music, colour, struggles and personality of the characters.

The performances will begin on 7.30pm on Sunday, August 19. — VNS