Network security still weak

Update: February, 08/2014 - 09:28

 Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Bac Son discusses the crucial role of network security protection in an interview carried on the Government website

Can you tell our readers about the current network security issues in Viet Nam?

Given the hacking of enterprises and organisations in the past few years, we have to admit that while international and domestic hackers have become bolder, Viet Nam's network security protection still has many shortcomings. These shortcomings can be found in human resources, infrastructure and awareness.

Hacking is an important issue because of its major consequences for the Party and state agencies and enterprises.

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MOIC) has implemented many measures to tackle this problem. In 2013, under the guidance of the ministry, the Viet Nam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) co-operated with relevant agencies and successfully supported online newspapers and portals in tackling hacking cases.

However, given the increasingly worrisome issue of network security, such efforts still fall short.

What are the measures that will be taken in 2014 to improve network security?

Network security protection will be important for Viet Nam in 2014. The ministry will implement comprehensive policies to ensure network security, including the improvement of legal procedures.

The draft project of the Law on Information Security will be conducted within the time frame approved by the government and the National Assembly. After the law is passed, it will provide the legal foundation for the implementation of systematic network security activities.

The ministry will also establish the Department for Information Security and continue to improve the operations of VNCERT, an agency specialising in information security protection.

The ministry encourages organisations and enterprises to apply the standard of the "Information security management system (code TCVN ISO/IEC 27001:2009)" for their network security protection.

The government will also help agencies and enterprises to establish their own network security response teams. A response network will also be built to foster co-operation among such teams.

The ministry will also cooperate with other relevant ministries such as the National Defence Ministry and the Public Security Ministry for network security.

Currently, there are many personal websites that contain inaccurate information. What are the measures being implemented by the ministry to address this issue, while ensuring freedom of speech?

The ministry will encourage communication activities to meet people's demand for information and to address issues that are reflected on social networks and personal websites.

We will also increase inspections and intensify the severity of penalties for website owners who violate the law.

Vietnamese enterprises are encouraged to develop services with positive content that falls in line with the country's culture and customs.

These long-term measures are critical and serve to raise the community's awareness so that each individual can select effective information for themselves. — VNS