Must-try grilled-fish rice crepe in Quy Nhơn town

Update: April, 19/2021 - 08:17


A dish of Bánh Tráng Chả Cá (Grilled fish rice crepe) in Quy Nhơn Town in Bình Định Province. Photo

HCM CITY — Bánh Tráng Chả Cá (Grilled fish rice crepe) is among the must-try dishes in the coastal Quy Nhơn town in Bình Định Province.

The main ingredients of the dish are fish, a little bit of cassava starch to create plasticity, cornstarch and spices to purify the fishy smells and enhance the savour of grilled fish.

The mixture is cut into thin slices, and grilled and deep-fried until brown yellow.

Bánh Tráng Chả Cá is a childhood delight of many Quy Nhơn culinary buffs. The snack can be brought from any place in the town at affordable prices, though the best way to enjoy it is at the seaside.

The dish is served with stalks of herbs and central Việt Nam-style fried chili sauce.

You can also roll grilled fish rice paper with Vietnamese coriander leaves and a dab of chili sauce mixed with a little soy sauce, which makes a salty, sweet, well-seasoned dipping sauce. – VNS

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