Musical drama for children to be restaged

Update: June, 16/2020 - 08:32


Tấm Cám (Tấm and Cám), a musical drama based on the Vietnamese fairy tale of the same name, is part of Ngày Xửa Ngày Xưa (Once Upon A Time), a theatre programme for children begun in 1997 by IDECAF Stage.  It will be restaged in a new version for children this summer in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of the producer


Thu Anh

HCM CITY— The musical drama Tấm Cám (Tấm and Cám), a production written by Hùng Lâm, will be restaged in a new version 20 years after its first release in HCM City.

The theme of the 120-minute work centres on love, honesty, betrayal and justice. It is based on the fairy tale of the same name, considered to be the Vietnamese version of Cinderella.

It portrays Tấm, a beautiful and kind girl who takes revenge against her evil stepsister Cám and her stepmother for the suffering they caused her when she married a king. Despite the challenges that befall her, Tấm continues to believe in love and offers help to others.   

Since its debut by the private drama theatre IDECAF in 2000 in HCM City, the play has been staged many times by veteran actors Thành Lộc, Hữu Châu and Mỹ Duyên. The play was so popular that ticket buyers had to stand in long lines at the box office.

This summer, the play will be restaged by Meritorious Artist and theatre director Lộc and young actors of IDECAF.  

A series of new songs and colourful images will be used. Costume designers and specialists in sound and light will add a realistic element to the play through beautiful clothes, accessories and interior design suited to the play’s theme.

"Both parents and their kids will be captivated by our play. We hope they will scream and laugh at our performance,” said actor Lộc, who plays Cám.    

Lộc and his colleagues have worked under a lot of pressure to produce a musical play for children as well as parents.  

"We spent several hundred million đồng on restaging the play. So, we should have no mistakes," the 58-year-old said.

During the play, Lộc and his actors will display skills in music, dance, pantomime and circus tricks.

"I asked my parents to go to the play. I'm really excited by it," said Trần Bảo Châu, a third-grade student in Phú Nhuận District. "Tấm is a brave and beautiful girl, always ready to help the needy and fight for herself."

Châu and her friends like the IDECAF actors because of their talent. "They can sing and dance well," she said.

According to Lộc, who is also the art director of IDECAF, the city does not have enough shows for young audiences, particularly children. The pioneer who is making new waves on stage said he wants to inject life into the shows by adding attractive elements.

"A performing stage is a channel for dreams and legends,” said Lộc.

“I want to create on stage a world built on both traditional and modern styles. I also want to make an exciting theatre for my young audiences when they enter the theatre to enjoy themselves and discover a world.”

Tấm Cám will be staged every Saturday and Sunday in July at Bến Thành Theatre, 6 Mạc Đĩnh Chi Street, District 1. — VNS