Masks for all occassions

Update: April, 28/2020 - 10:54


Both barber and customers in a HCM City's hair salon wear protective masks. Photo  

Face masks are becoming an essential part of everyday attire, no matter what your profession is.

We all know the importance of covering up, and everyone must adhere to the rules to keep the country safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Take barbers for instance. Stylists come into close contact with the customers so masks are a must.

However, one HCM City barber shop is going that extra mile, insisting staff wear not one, but two masks.

And customers are following suit.

Plastic visors may prove to be a slight obstacle for those cutting the hair, but nobody is complaining and business has increased.  

"The two tools help guests to be protected during cutting-hair process," said Thùy Trang, the hair salon manager.

Customer, Xuân Toàn, 27, agrees: "This is the first time I have cut my hair when wearing two face protection tools like this. I feel a little bit of strange but for my safety, I think it's not a big obstacle."

This clearly works for haircuts, but if the customer is looking for a shave, then maybe they will need to think again.  

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