Marco travels through inner workings of mind

Update: October, 19/2005 - 00:00

Marco travels through inner workings of mind


by Thuy Ha

Mapping the subconscious: Busquedas, oil on canvas, 200x140cm, by Miguel Marcos

Spanish painter-diplo-mat Miguel Marco has managed to traverse the mind’s subconscious and successfully relay his inner thoughts to canvas in an exhibition at the Ha Noi Fine Arts Museum.

Entitled Harmony, Marco’s fifth solo showing in Viet Nam offers the viewer a journey into the subconscious through his 18 oil-on-canvas paintings.

The Spanish diplomat clearly displays a new direction with his latest collection, while breaking away from the emotional trajectory of his previous creations.

Marco exhibits a lack of fear in his latest works, laying emotions out for all to witness while also presenting the impacts of Ha Noi on his life.

"The life in Viet Nam, where there is a lot of things and in between it is the harmony, has inspired me to work out all these paintings," Marco said.

Living in Ha Noi for four years has provided Marco with numerous creative inspirations, and last Friday’s opening night was a testament to his talents.

The latest exhibition heavily features black, light brown or white images of arrows, taking pride of place in each work and helping to guide the viewer through the artist’s internal visualisation.

Working for three years on the 18 paintings, the 48-year-old painter considered the pieces a labour of love, and specifically requested the works be displayed in two rooms.

This he claimed was for the purpose of balancing the art’s dark and pink shades that Marco described as the colours of harmony.

"The dark room is the real path and it is very intensive and very heavy room. While the other is much lighter, that you can say more happy. It’s like becoming harmony," said Marco.

"The correct title of the exhibit is Looking for the Path of the Harmony," explained Marco, who had his first local exhibition in 2002, and began his career with a solo sculpture exhibit in his home country in 1980.

He has also shown his art in numerous other places around the world, depending on where his Spanish foreign affairs service posting takes him.

"I am particularly partial to Marco’s paintings that offer a filtered view of nature, images evoking a sense of the painter when he stands in front of a storm, the ocean, or the wide and open sky," said Vietnamese installation artist Dao Anh Khanh, who has described Marco’s art as diverse, amorphous, full of vigour, unpredictable and passionate.

The exhibition runs through this Sunday at the Ha Noi Fine Arts Museum, located at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc. — VNS